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Division 1 college basketball is better than the NBA

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Started: 12/30/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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better-having the qualities required for a particular role.


I accept this debate and would like to thank my opponent for the creation of this thread. I want to make clear that although I personally think college basketball is more exciting than the NBA, my purpose is to play devil's advocate in order to give my opponent some philosophical considerations.
Debate Round No. 1


I will be arguing that the college basketball game is better than the NBA game as it has more defense and the players play the game the right way. In the NBA there is some perimeter defense but once someone beats their man everyone just moves out of the way and the person dunks. The NBA is more designed for entertainment and less about the integrity of the game of basketball.

(1) What the hell is this? Both of the players near the basket should step in and make a play there.
(2) This is a 6 minute video of an all star and an Olympian who looks clueless on defense.

1. (
2. ()


My opponent in R2 first sentence is indicative of an anecdotal argument which stems from personal bias, which is fine which holds no more weight than someone claiming the Denver Nuggets is better than the Lakers. I would have to question my opponent regarding defense if he/she is referring to the current state of the NBA or if he is referring to NBA of the past. My opponent has not made it clear if he/she is referring to the current defense of the NBA. Following this argument, my opponent then states that when it comes to perimeter defense although mediocre, upon being beat the defense is non-existent to which the opponent may score. I noticed that my opponent sumbits a vine link in support of his argument so in response, I will submit a YT (YouTube video) regarding some impressive defense. To support my argument I submit the following link(s) of both past and present perimeter NBA defenses:

1) We can see in the first link the example of Kobe Bryant and perimeter help defense


I also submit some exciting defensive blocking from past to present in the following link which provides subsequent proof that not only do NBA players of past and present play defense, they also play transition defense as well. Although there are far too many individual games I could submit, I will provide some highlights of some of the best NBA defenders


I also submit some 2015 clips of some great defense


Finally we can see some of the individual efforts of Dennis Rodman in the early 2000's on Shaquille O'Neal in the following clip.


Depending on the team, a lot of teams may switch to zone converage or box and 1 (that is a zone coverage with one man free to defend one good scorer). The NBA of the past tend to vary depending on the type of player certain teams may face. For example, there really was no person that could stop Michael Jordan so a lot of teams tend to play zone coverage, but sometimes teams would run man to man. My opponent states in the final sentence that the NBA is more about entertainment than about integrity. Well, again, that is personal opinion as opposed to actual fact. Depending on one's perspective, this may hold true but to others it may not. I would say that the NBA All-Star games are more entertaining considering it is a game of the best players in the league but as far as regular season, there are teams that actually play great defense and transition defense as well. I finally submit an example of this of the Boston Celtics:
Debate Round No. 2


I was speaking about the current nba, as that is all I have been able to watch and I apologize for not mentioning that in my first argument.

The blocks I will concede but honestly players nowadays go for the block too much which is why they fall for pump fakes so much. Just keeping your hands up and not leaving your feet will make the shot very difficult still but you won't lose position if you guess wrong.

Kobe was a defender and he played in an era where there were some great defensive players. (KG is one that comes to mind). But nowadays stars don't play defense, they are almost all offensive superstars. (1) Here is a list of the nba all defensive team, and here (2) is a list of the mvp finalists. As you can see only one mvp finalist was on the all nba defensive team, because defense doesn't sell. Let me ask you this con, would young kids watching (3) rather watch a dunk/ a deep 3, or a great defensive possession? Obviously the offensive play and this leads to players caring more about those offensive plays because that is what they are getting paid to do.

Now that we have established that the nba focuses more on offense we can switch back to the college game and discuss how they focus more on defense. If we look at the scoring college games are lower scoring. (4) Here you can see the points per game for each nba team and the median is at 105 points per game, while the median college score is 72.4 ppg. (5) There are some reasons to explain this, such as the longer game time and lower shot clock, but a 30 point differential can only really be explained by one thing, more defense.

Another reason why college basketball is better is because of the postseason. There is no better postseason than March Madness, single elimination, huge upsets, everyone loves watching it. I have never heard someone seriously say that the nba postseason is better.

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4. (
5. (
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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