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Divorce should be harder to make

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Started: 10/7/2013 Category: People
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Divorce should be harder to make for the following reasons:

1) Referring to Panse (2010) divorce influence badly not only on the couple, but on their children, parents, friends, work, hobbies and other specters of life. It is a huge emotional stress, which could be very harmful. But people think only about themselves. They think, that they sigh the document and it's over, but actually it isn't so. If divorce is harder to make, people will try to avoid some conflicts and find solutions of the problems, not just split up.

2) People will learn to chose their partner carefully. Nowadays the early marriage is practiced well. People don't think about life after marriage. They wear 'pink glasses'. The daily routine, living together, different problems doesn't matter for them. And why should it matter? Because nowadays divorce is easy to make.

3) Divorces is one of the reasons of the decreasing of the demographic rate. According to the article by some psychologists, the number of splitted up couples decrease the number of birth rate, because the most number of people won't have more children in their future life. It is very harmful for such countries as Russia, where there is a lack of birth rate.


Thank you for the opportunity to debate this topic. I also applaud your mettle to have only one round for arguments. I'll start by debating your points.

1. You say that divorce causes copious amounts of stress as if a marriage can't have the same affect. Marriages (and people in general) these days face more stress than ever before ( Unemployment is at an all-time high, adults face more responsibilities than ever before, and technology factors into this in general.

Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "Back in the day, people didn't give up on their marriages. They stuck through thick and thin, for better or worse. They had similar stresses." Well, yeah, that's true. But there's absolutely no studies to find how much those couples did want a divorce. I'm sure there were more than a handful of couples who wanted to leave their deeply troubled relationships, but couldn't because of fear or persecution from friends, family, and peers. Things were different back then- you were treated as a leper and shunned from all if you were to even consider divorce. In what way is this any healthier? If anything, higher divorce rates have liberated people from feeling trapped or looked down upon by everyone around them.

2. Your second point doesn't seem to have much to do with divorce as it does with marriage. I believe most people don't think, "Well, if this doesn't work, at least there's always divorce!" You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who actually does think this way. If anything, this point makes the case for making marriage more difficult to follow through with, and not so much divorce- which I kind of agree with.

3. I) "According to the article by some psychologists..."

What article? What "some psychologists"? You note different sources throughout your argument with no citations.

II) "...the number of splitted up couples decrease the number of birth rate, because the most number of people won't have more children in their future life."

I don't know if you've been following the news lately, but the human race is currently going through overpopulation. This is one of the reasons we have world hunger, why our economy is an a state of disrepair, and why we have global warming issues. Right now, we are having so many babies it's literally killing us ( If your source is correct, that's a shot in the foot for your argument: We need less people having babies.

III) "It is very harmful for such countries as Russia, where there is a lack of birth rate."

Like I said in my last point, I don't really see why this is an issue. This is actually good for our entire world.

Now for my evidence.

As I stated in my first response, lifestyles are more stressful these days. Some people can't handle the stress of a marriage, which is unfortunate, but that is still infinitely better than saying to them, "No, your issues aren't important enough to warrant a divorce."

On this note, how would anyone ever even monitor this? A scale could never made to judge whether or not someone's request for a divorce is more "worthy" than someone else's. This is ridiculous to even question as legitimate. And where is the line drawn? How high does infidelity rank as a just cause for divorce? Is it more or less justification for divorce than trouble with finances or the kids? The amount of issues rising from this alone is staggering to even consider.

In my first point, I mentioned that standards have changed. We can debate day and night whether or society's gone downhill or whatnot. But the fact of the matter is, people have always wanted to split from their significant other. Sometimes sticking together ended being the best, but there are untold amounts of men and women who wanted desperately for a divorce and couldn't get one due to fear of rejection by their own family. That is a punishment no person should face. It's definitely better to have many divorces than too few and punish individuals who made a mistake.

Thanks for the debate. Voters, vote for whoever you believe had better arguments.
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