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Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

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Started: 12/11/2016 Category: Religion
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I will be arguing that Christians and Muslims don't worship the same god. My opponent will argue that we do worship the same god. Good luck.


Hello. Thanks to my opponent, @Rjupudi18 for this debate!
I will be arguing that Christians and Muslims DO worship the same God.
Good luck!

I ask for one thing as for rules, please no libel.
Otherwise, this looks like it could be a great debate!
Debate Round No. 1


I thank @Overnight for accepting the debate.
Before we begin, I want to clarify a few things. This debate is not about whether Christians or Muslims have the right conception of "God" or which religion is true. The purpose of this debate is to see whether Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

Note: I will not be capitalizing the word "god" when referring to Allah and the Muslim conception of "God". This is not to show disrespect towards Muslims or the Islamic faith but to make my point clear and easy for the viewers to follow through.

With that being said, let's get started.
Christians and Muslims don't worship the same god because"

1)Christians worship the triune God while Muslims worship a Unitarian god.
This is the most obvious reason. The concept of "God" in Christianity and Islam is radically different. The Christian God is a triune God existing eternally as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in perfect union and essence. In Islam, Allah exists as an absolute unity (known as Tawhid) and is not a triune god. This is a very important issue because the concept of the Trinity and Tawhid are central to the Christian and Islamic faiths respectively. In Christian theology, God cannot exist without a member of the Trinity. In other words, without the Father, there is no God. Without the Son, there is no God, etc. Since Muslims do not accept the divinity of Christ or the Holy Spirit, they cannot logically worship the Christian God. When you remove a member of the Trinity, the triune God "ceases to exist". Therefore, a Muslim cannot worship the Christian God until he accepts the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as God.

2)The God of the Bible is characteristically different from the god of the Qur"an.
If you carefully read both the Bible and the Qur'an, you would realize that the God of the Bible is characteristically different from Allah of the Qur'an. I won't go into great detail but here are a few examples. Firstly, the God of the Bible is called our Father. It is one of the greatest titles of God in the Bible and it is a very central to Christianity. Allah has 99 titles attributed to him but one of them is not "The Father". In Christianity, God being our Father is essential because we cannot enter His kingdom without first becoming His children! In Islam, the relationship between Allah and Muslims is that of a master and a slave. This brings up many questions as to how a master can love his slave and if Allah truly loves Muslims but that's a different topic. Speaking of love, the God of the Bible loves all human beings (Romans 5:8; John 3:16) and He wants to be a refuge to all those who trust in Him (Psalms 91:2). On the other hand, Allah does not love the "unbelievers" (Surah 3:31-32). In other words, Allah cannot love you unless you love him first.

3)The Role of Jesus in Islam and Christianity
I will expand on this later as I ran out of space.


Thanks to my opponent, @Rjupdui18 for this round.
I agree with the terms that this debate isn't about proving which religion has the right conception of God, or which is the better faith, as no one wants to be preached to.

In response to my opponent's note, that is fine, there is no offense taken.

I will rebut my opponent's arguments first, then I will make my on points myself.

"1)Christians worship the triune God while Muslims worship a Unitarian god."
---This is only slightly true. Christians TODAY believe in a Triune God. In the days of early Christianity, there was a HUGE division within the church, as some believed that is was impossible for God to have three forms, while others believed in the trinity. I will not comment whether which one is true, since it is none of my business. Muslims believe that the word of Jesus(PBUH) and the bible has been corrupted by man over time, and the trinity is part of that corruption, as believed by Muslims. I would also like to point out that one of Allah's(SWT) 99 names is Al-Wali, which has many translations, including "father." I also point out that in Islam, the relationship is not a master/slave relationship. Islam gives free will to all people. I will not elaborate, since this isn't pertinent to this debate. Muslims also DO believe that Jesus(pbuh) is an extremely holy prophet, and that his original word sent to him from God was true, it has since been corrupted however. Many people believe that muslims completely disregard Jesus(pbuh) and his word completely, however this isn't true.

I will point out that the Trinity isn't a unified belief, since there are churches to this day that reject the trinity, and are unitarians.

I apologize to my opponent for my less-structured set of rebuttals, however, on my device, this is how I must do it. I'll try to resolve this by next round.

Now, I want to emphasize that fact that Muslims DO believe in Jesus(pbuh) and the original Bible (one that hasn't, in their eyes, been corrupted by man.) The fact that the Trinity wasn't a unified system (to this day) also reaffirms this point, and also make Muslim's claims possible.

Thanks to my opponent for this debate round!
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my opponent @Overnight for posting a well-written and thoughtful response. For this round, I won't be bringing up any new arguments but will respond to my opponent's rebuttals.

Firstly, my opponent claimed there was a huge division within the early church. Since a source has not been provided, I have no idea of knowing if this statement is true but for the sake of the argument, let's say there were divisions in the early church. This is not an issue at all since every religion including Islam has offshoots and unorthodox believers. This however does not change the true message of that religion. For example, the early Muslims were split as to who should be the successor to Muhammad but this did not alter Muhammad's religion as whole. There may have been some heretics who did not believe in the Trinity. However, all the Apostles of Christ including Peter, John and Paul believed in the Trinity and Jesus' divinity. Jesus Himself affirmed the Trinity (Matthew 28:19).

Secondly, my opponent claimed that the Bible was corrupted. Aside from making a bold claim, I want to ask if there is any evidence my opponent can provide as to how the Bible was corrupted. I can provide evidence as to why the Bible is NOT corrupted. First of all, the Qur'an affirms the Bible has not been corrupted and that the words of Allah cannot be altered. If my opponent or any Muslim claims the Bible is corrupted, he is contradicting the Qur'an therefore committing "shirk". If my opponent claims the Bible was corrupted after the Qur'an was written, that would be a flat out lie because we have manuscripts of the Bible that predate the Qur'an which the Qur'an calls uncorrupted words of Allah. Anyway you look at it, you find the Bible has not been corrupted or altered,

Al-Wali translates to "The Governor" ( not "The Father". In fact, calling Allah father in Islam is committing "shirk" and considered "associating partners with Allah" as Allah has no sons or daughters. As for my opponent's claim that there are Unitarian churches in the world. I agree. However, these don't represent true Biblical Christianity because the Bible does not support Unitarianism. For example, the Jehovah's Witnesses cult claim Jesus is the Angel Michael which is completely unbiblical and rejected by most Christians. They're not considered Christians as they reject the fundamentals of Christianity.

Finally, my opponent claimed Muslims believe in Jesus therefore affirming Muslims and Christians worship the same god. I want to ask which Jesus my opponent is talking about: the Jesus of the Bible or the "Jesus" of the Qur'an. You might ask, "aren't they the same"? Let me give you an example. If I said I believed in Allah but claimed he was one of thousands of prophets, would we be talking about the same Allah? Of course not. When Muslims talk about the Muslim Jesus, they're talking about another Jesus, one that never existed in the eyes of Christians.


I am incredibly sorry, but I cannot finish this debate, due to time constraints. Many thanks to my opponent @Rjupudi18 for making this debate, he made very good arguments. I am posting in this round so his time does not end up being wasted, and he can win this debate.

Many thanks,
Debate Round No. 3


I thank my opponent @Overnight for having a thoughtful and respectful discussion with me. I totally understand time constraints when it comes to detailed arguments such as this one. It was a pleasure to participate in this debate.
Thanks, Rjupudi18


I cannot finish this debate, so I will post here as to not introduce the "glitch" which would be a waste of my opponent's time.
Debate Round No. 4


I thank @Overnight for completing the debate so people can vote. :D


I cannot finish this debate, so I will post here as to not introduce the "glitch" which would be a waste of my opponent's time.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by stcornerap 1 year ago
Jews and Christians do worship the same God. The Christian view is that God came himself as Jesus to show the Jews face to face who God is, and to save them. Muslims are not shown who God is by God they are shown through a prophet who claims they were given the truth about God in private. The truth they are given paints an unbiblical picture of God, just as Joseph Smith was given the truth in private and paints the LDS church an unbiblical picture of God. God himself does not show up to support these newly painted versions of Himself. Judaism and Christianity are the only 2 faiths that God shows up Himself in front of the masses to create and lay claim to as being true worship of the one true God. Christianity would have just remained Judaism if the Jews would have accepted Jesus as their messiah.
Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
Do Jews and Christians worship the same God? Jews don't accept Jesus, but we accept their scripture.
Posted by kikiki 1 year ago
Yes you do. You both worship a world drowning, self-contradicting, murderous god. The only difference is this one sent Palestinian paedophiles, and this one sent an Arab paedophile.
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Reasons for voting decision: A shame this good start to a debate ended prematurely. Conduct was admirable and I wish points could be awarded to both sides, but it must go to the Contender as the debate was ceded. As for the debate itself, I thought the Instigator's argument of meaning founded upon linguistics was poor. Translation of a single word with multiple connotations was inadequate and unreliable. Just as a note, only one language, Modern English, was considered during the linguistic analysis. Furthermore, the Contender started down the right path when he/she picked up on the generalization of Christians as Trinitarians. The Trinity is, in my opinion, not a defining characteristic of Christianity. Instead, Christianity is defined by its belief that Jesus is the son of God. Anyways, compliments to both sides.