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Do Illegal immigrants benefit the USA or not!?

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Started: 6/3/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We have people on one anti-immigrant side telling us statistically Illegal immigrants are costing us billions and on the other pro-immigrant side telling us they are statistically making us billions! Both sides claim their sources are trustworthy.
They are both a little full of sh*t...
It's easy to mislead people sometimes when we look at things at a macro level :
Lets keep it simple.

If we have a small town, & new people move to that town. They rent or buy a house from John, that makes $$ for John. The new people are also paying $$ in property taxes that go towards our schools, hospitals, police, fire depts. & local govt.
The new people $ buy food at Mary's restaurant so she makes it larger and hires more waitresses like Joanna. They shop$$ the local big box stores, & other stores. The stores open new stores & hire new employees like Jimmy because there is a greater demand for products. A new school is opened because there are more children. The new people $ buy cars from Ron...
The new people work fixing up homes for John to sell, and making Mary's restaurant bigger, they build the new stores and work as mechanics, they open their own little businesses etc...

Lets act like the new people are all US citizens. Are they benefiting us?
Now act like they are Illegal immigrants so they do not qualify for sec. 8 housing or food stamps and they have a lower crime rate. Are they benefiting us?


Illegal Immigrants don't always do what you said they do, sometimes they live on the street meaning they do not pay taxes, also they eat our food and drink our water and they also get involved in gang activity and steal, so they are not always beneficial.
Debate Round No. 1


It takes a brave and determined person to risk their lives and leave everything to illegally immigrate to the USA. These people are fighting for their and their families futures and sometimes for their lives. It is extremely unlikely for them to be homeless in the street. They usually have a friend or family member that provides food and shelter for them when they first arrive.

A US citizen is more likely to harm you or be in a gang. The illegal immigrants usually don't like gangs, they are in many cases fleeing their countries and homes and everything they know because of gangs and crime.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
"A US citizen is more likely to harm you or be in a gang". Do you have a cite for this?
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