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Do Women Lack the Capacity of Logical Reasoning?

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Started: 8/20/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Based on a woman's hormones, it is proven that she is more emotional than a man. Emotions cloud judgement and rationalization. This is why men are better decision makers. With society being the way it is now, women seem to be given opportunities to excel in more things but yet, I haven't seen a woman exceed or accomplish anything greater than a man by using female logic. In fact, I believe the term " female logic" is actually an oxymoron. It is the very opposite of logic! What do you think? Why?


Speaking of logic, it seems that my opponent has failed to state his position correctly. So to clarify things for voters--he is arguing for PRO, and I am arguing for CON.

==Opening Argument==

As human beings, women have the capacity for logical reasoning; with 'capacity' being defined as the 'the potential or suitability for holding, storing or accommodating.' [1.]
So basically, women of normal cognitive ability, all have the potential for being able to process thoughts with logic and reason.

However, whether people of both sexes (I.E men and women) can be throughly logical or reasonable is indeed impossible. We're all susceptible to irrationality, but depending on ones intellect, emotional and mental state, this presents itself at varying levels. For example, some people are more irrational than others and vice-versa. Once again though--these differences are not attributed to the sex of the individual, but to the three things that I've just listed.

Dr. Michael Levine, wrote this in regards to logic:

'All human brains have an emotional and logical side. People come in different proportions. Some are poets and some are accountants, but we all have this in common: an unending strife in which both sides of our brains are locked in conflict at all times.'

This demonstrates that whenever there is an assessment of how people use logic and weigh emotion into their decisions--there isn't really any distinction between a male and a female, instead, we are simply analysed as 'people'. Naturally, some women (those with relatively high IQ's and/or relative emotional stability), will have a greater sense of logic and reason than some men; who have lower IQ's, and are perhaps less emotionally stable. Generally speaking the differences between men and women are primarily physical and not cognitive. [2.]

To briefly consider certain areas associated with logic and reason (such as medical science), the number of female family physicians in the U.K was higher than that of male family physicians, as reported in 2014. [3.]

Note that becoming a doctor is no easy task--you need qualifications in at least two scientific fields, a decent mathematical record, a good grasp of their language, etc. in order to be accepted into medical school, then you're obligated to spend between 4-7 years there depending on the country--while then having to complete another 2 years of (paid) training after.

Women also quite frequently become accountants, which is a profession in which decent mathematical ability is obviously required [4.]

So, I'll leave my argument here and actually see what Pro has to offer in the next round. To affirm his resolution, he actually needs to conclusively show that women are not only less logical than men, but lack the capacity for logical reasoning completely.
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Posted by DaWiseKid 2 years ago
Yes he just got burned
Posted by AndrewTheNihilist 2 years ago
I honestly think this dude is a Troll
Posted by nivac817 2 years ago
Your account was made 23 minutes ago.... did you literally create an account just to ask this stupid (and sexist) question?
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