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Do You Get More Exercise Doing Basketball or Soccer

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Started: 5/3/2017 Category: Health
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I think you get more exercise doing basketball because when you have to shoot the buzzer beater from half-court, you have to use a lot of energy. And also, when you are doing a 4-on-4, you run back and forth and back and forth, so you get tired.


Soccer is more demanding physically. You play for 90 minutes, with a fifteen minute break in between, and substitutes are rare given that each team is only allowed three. This means that you are less likely to get subbed out and therefore keep playing. While there are positions that are less demanding in terms of running (Keeper), you are jogging the entire time if you are a good player. Furthermore, not only will you have to sprint in Soccer, but at least 3 times the distance than in basketball. Not only this, but in basketball, as most players are very tall it doesn't take much time to reach the other end of the court.

The field dimensions in soccer are 110–120 yards(100–110 m) long by 70–80 yards (64–73 m) wide and basketball courts are roughly 94 by 50 feet (29 by 15 m). This is a significant difference. All players in soccer will make a trip across the half of the field during the game, multiple times. Mid field players will continuously go back and forth. On that aspect, it depends on what position you play.

While free kicks are granted there is no stoppage time during the game. Not only are you having to run continuously , but you have to use those same feet to perform tasks such as crossing a ball 30-40 yards accurately, or moving in ways to avoid your opponents attempts to steal the ball. In basketball you can run around and shoot the ball with your hands, however, you have to do both with your feet in soccer, which is harder.

Both sports are difficult in their own right and require different training. While basketball requires more upper strength, soccer requires more lower strength, and more endurance in terms of running. For exercise, since endurance within Cardio is key to exercise, Soccer would be better.

According to the latest Compendium of Physical Activity by Ainsworth and Haskell, soccer is by far the more demanding sport requiring approximately 25% more energy expended and for far longer than basketball. In Soccer there are also various leagues, which have different levels of difficultly.

Basketball, however, does require a more specific build, which could be a factor in whether or not Basketball is "harder", however the question being raised is whether or not basketball gives you more exercise. In the end, soccer would win that particular category.


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Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
>Reported vote: logicinlife// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Con provided argumentation far beyond what Pro did. Pro provided arguments that address some aspects of basketball while not addressing what Soccer entails. Con addresses Soccer's requirements as well as addressing some of the aspects of basketball.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter is required to specifically assess arguments made by both sides. That requires more than simply stating how applicable the general arguments made by each side were " it must be clear why that applicability resulted in this decision, and why specific arguments did or did not have relevance as a result.
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Vote Placed by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argues that shooting a hoop in basketball uses a lot of energy (which I doubt), and if you're doing a 4v4, your constant running makes you tired. Con gives a much larger argument, mainly revolving around the fact that soccer involves lots of running, with little time to break. Con said that you run 3 times the distance in soccer compared to basketball! Though no rebuttals were given, Con's argument makes it seem like soccer really does give you a ton of exercise compared to basketball, so Argument points to Con.

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