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Do both media of Anime and Cartoons have the same definition?

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Started: 9/7/2013 Category: Entertainment
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My definitions are below:

Anime: Japanase animation with a unique art styles, using the eyes and hair to show emotion and much more. Story consist of real life problems and also is structured like a novel or book series.

Cartoons: Animation is usually confined to stay in a familiar format. Body, expressions, and personality rarely change(except maybe for a climax). Story consist of events confined within each episode(events rarely follow through to another episode).


anime and cartoons are the same thing, cartoons don't really mean anything, they made for entertainment.
Debate Round No. 1


Anime is made for entertainment as too. Anime can also be criticized positively or negatively, do to symbolism and character depth annd much more that "cartoons" For instance, in talking about character, it is much more noticable or "straight given" that a character who was a villian is changing for the good in himself in cartoons than it is in anime. In anime, on the other hand, you can go through a series of experiences where you think the character is changing morally, but the character could do something that can completley throw you off and make everything you thought questionable(Example: Vegeta from Dragon ball z)


I hardly watch anime, but from what ive seen it looked the same to me as regular cartoons. The characters and expressions were different, but not much else
Debate Round No. 2


If you have have not watched much Anime, and have not looked at this media from a critic point of view, then it is of my opinion that you have not the resources to debate this topic.


I just watched some on youtube and it dosent really look THAT much different from regular cartoons. I got kind of confused if I am supposed to say YES they are the same, yes they are. If im supposed to say NO they aren't, they kind of are the same as regular cartoons.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CrucifyTheEgo 5 years ago
To atoy120:

You clearly did not watxh a whole series or at least compared them to cartoons. Furthermore, you have not backed up the claim that they are the same. The only thing you have said is that they are the same...that's it. I have given numerous examples. You have given none.

I have a feeling you are looking at the animation alone and not the examples I have given.
Posted by RoyLatham 5 years ago
Yes, I think you have it right. Also, anime takes pains to show the seasons, the time of day, and the weather. That's uncommon in cartoons.
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