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Do people update and create new things because they want to achieve perfection?

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Started: 2/18/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Recently I had a class with my sociology teacher and he stated the the only reason why people keep on creating and updating things because they are trying to achieve perfection.
I said no that is not true because deep down inside everybody know the perfection is not possible so I stated that the main reason why people keep on creating and updating things is because they know the world will eventually end and they want to know that they have achieved something in life before they die and have self fulfillment.
So I want other people's views on this.


The proposed argument is as follows:
Perfection is impossible
People know perfection is impossible
Therefore, instead of trying to attain perfection, people create based on other reasons, such as self-fulfillment.

Let's consider each of the propositions. Firstly, is perfection impossible? This is based on how you define it. If you view it as performance being measured on an infinite scale, then it does become impossible to attain. But, if perfection is based on an object"s natural state of being, then is a star not perfectly a star, or a cloud not perfectly a cloud?

Even so, lets imagine that your first proposition is true: if people accept perfection is impossible, does it follow they will still not try to improve themselves, their knowledge, their abilities, by aiming for perfection? Are there not people who want to: be the best in their field, reach the most senior levels of business, or share their knowledge and become a thought leader?

What about artists, musicians and sports stars? Some may be in their profession simply because they enjoy it, but many are also spurred on by the competition: with others, themselves, with perfection itself.

In conclusion, my argument is as follows:

Perfection can be a stimulus
Stimuli can inspire some people to be the best they can be, to build and to create
Therefore, perfection can inspire some people to be the best they can be, to build and to create.
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Posted by mschechtel17 2 years ago
It's my firm belief (more accurately, my observations) that people create and update things for a multitude of reasons.

Someone like Steve Jobs probably created Apple products with a "perfect" operating system and machine to run this system in mind. However his motivation was likely that "he wanted to achieve something" as you say and also that he saw Apple as a gift for humanity to foster others creative vision.

A comedian creates material likely with out the idea of "perfection" ever crossing their mind. A comedian's motivation is make their audience laugh. Comedians would probably say there is no "perfect" way to make a crowd of people laugh because there are too many un-quantifiable variables. More accurately a comedian would probably say that they rely on the imperfections of themselves and their material, along with the randomness of the particular crowd of people's taste.

(Rebuttal against your teacher) Perfection will be defined differently by each individual. So one could even say there is no perfect definition for "perfection", and if this is true, then creating with the goal of "perfection" wouldn't necessarily be false but more so they inaccurately defined their motivation.

(Rebuttal against you) I like your motivational reason for creation better than your teacher's but I'd still call it inaccurate. I believe that most people's motivation is actually an innate rebellion against the idea that the world may end and people create to preserve ideas they feel are important to humanity and it's future. Elon Musk is a genius billionaire and recently released that his main goal in life is to make humanity a multi-planetary species. The motivation for the creation of this idea clearly seems to be the prevention of man-kinds extinction and I'll add that the idea of "perfection" couldn't possibly factor in to the end game of this idea. Also, Elon Musk has the enough resources at his disposal to make this idea a reality.
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