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Do people wear motorcycle leather more for the looks than safety?

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Started: 5/20/2014 Category: Fashion
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People claim leather is the best riding gear material. It is most expensive. How is it better than textile? Do you think it is for the looks rather than safety?


Hi peterTheGreat. I'd like to debate on this with you (here comes the Acceptance). Have a great time, enjoy the topic. Here we go:

I'd say motorcycle leather is at least equally worn for looks and safety and also for other reasons. Leather is a great material.

It's expenisve, yet provides the price-performance-ratio. Some leather jackets have been there for generations.
It's durability has proven itself over centuries. The security that it provides is not only a 3-year-garantee-tag on a newly designed syntetic material. The characteristics of leather itself havn't significantly changed over the last few hundred years which makes it way more trustworthy than younger materials.

An often worn leather gear will ultimately fit your body best and allows you a relitively high movement-ratio.

It's a mostly ecological and natural product - that's safe for the planet. And is good for people with allergies, that means you are better saved from allergic shocks and are less likely to develope an allergy over time (natural product).

How competitive different types of leather against different types textile are, depends on the textile. If you buy leather you know exactly what level of savety you get and what this material can do for you. If you buy textile, you have to believe what they write on the tag or tell you in the shop. And you should still expect suprises.
Debate Round No. 1


peterTheGreat forfeited this round.


please, feel free to extend your argumentation
Debate Round No. 2


peterTheGreat forfeited this round.


Well, this was rather short and pointless. Always a pity to see an interesting idea fade away.

To answer all of Con's questions from the opening in a short summary:

1 | It is most expensive.
But it has the better price-performance ratio as it is more durable and natural than textiles. Therefore it's actually cheaper than textiles in the long run.

2 | How is it better than textile?
low allergy risks, very trustworthy performance of the material, ecological, ability to "fit like the second skin (that it is)"

3 | Do you think it is for the looks rather than safety?
No. Those who buy good leather gear keep themselves as save as any textile consumer. But sure, they will look cooler as well ;)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Uh-Ha 7 years ago
People ride motorcycles to look good...period. No thought at all for how bloody dangerous they are.

All idiots that ride motorcycles are temporary humans with only half their brain engaged. The darned things should be banned. I'm not even going to mention the conotations with organised crime.

I'll restate my case....If you ride a motorcycle, you need to review your sanity, let alone the cost to every one else when you fall off and need expensive medical care. I have no sympathy whtsoever for people who paralyze themselves on these ridiculous machines. They don't look too cool then, do they?
Posted by Beautiful171819 7 years ago
My dad rides motorcycles. And once he got in an accident. When he took off his leather jacket it was all scraped up and there were a few holes. If he was not wering his leathers, that would have been his skin. It is used for way more than looks.
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