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Do rich and poor people swear/curse/cuss differently?

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Started: 4/29/2018 Category: Society
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I will have discussion based seminar regarding topic "cursing" and I was having research and I was stuck.

My topic, or rather a question is "Do rich and poor people swear differently?" and I need to link it up with its purpose, audience and context.
I was wondering whether you guys could help me out with giving opinions with specific examples and reference if possible, or any suggestions would be appreciated!

Do rich and poor people swear differently?


I think they do. For rich people, usually they always think they are cool since they are rich, or they are spoiled, so they understand that they can plead and become popular. Yet poor people, they are begging for money, or they are sad most of the time. Instead of cussing to scare others away, they plead for help.

Just so you know I'm talking rich as kids and poor as homeless.
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