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Do rocks live in socks when they feel like balloons?

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: Funny
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Duh, rocks love socks, so of course they would live in them. Especially if they feel like balloons.

There's a poem that goes like this:

There once was a rock
that lived in a sock
that liked to talk
with a lock.
And along came a man who scraped it with a piece of chalk.

Then the man threw it
into a toilet
that was very well lit

Then along came a cloak
that loved the word soak
who whisked the rock away
to Chesapeake Bay

The rock landed on a clam
that liked to go bam
on top of a dam

Then a man named Jake
put the rock in a cake
that was ready to bake

When the rock started to cook
It ran up and took
An old leather book
that also started to cook

The rock pried open the door
when he could bear no more
And the rock
that lived in a sock
and liked to talk
with a lock

Ran out of the room
and away from the gloom
that was his doom.
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