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Do schools have the right to search students' lockers?

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Started: 4/22/2016 Category: Education
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Schools should not have the right to search students' lockers because it invades student privacy. They should only search the locker if they have a suspicion or if they ask someone who has higher abilities than the principle. The teachers should only search if they think that student is acting crazy and might have drugs. Otherwise, they should not be aloud to search students' lockers.


The lockers belong to the school. They are the schools property, not the students. Students are borrowing the locker and should not expect their locker can never be searched. If students have an issue with this, they can keep their belongings with them during the day.
Debate Round No. 1


But the teachers should not look at students diaries. pictures. purses, etc. They should only look at their school work and other school stuff and also just to make sure their locker is clean. And to make sure the student doesnt have drugs. And they shouldn't be checking lockers aaallllll the time.


Teachers/school staff, to my knowledge, do not go through diaries, pictures, etc. I don't think they are even allowed to. The question is whether schools can search lockers, not students personal belongings. When a students locker is opened, it is usually because they have a reason to do be doing so. They could have been given a tip from another student, that the locker contained weapons, or drugs, or a drug sniffing dog smelled something in the locker and signaled it's handler there was something in there. Both situations give schools a reason to search a locker. To open a locker, schools have every right to do so. They paid for the lockers, they own the lockers, it's theirs to open and search.

Also, what do you mean 'all the time'? Are you saying schools go around opening lockers everyday, week, month? Can you explain what you meant?
Debate Round No. 2


ok I don't want to get into a huge argument I want to be nice to people. But what I meant by they shouldn't be checking lockers all the time is that some schools probably check lockers every week.

But I think they shouldn't check lockers if the student is inosent and doesn't have any suspiction.


We are having a debate. It's a three round debate, arguing is sort of the point.

I want to be nice too, if I said anything mean, or insulting, I apologize, it wasn't my intention.

I highly doubt schools check lockers every week. It would be a waste of time for schools to check students lockers once a week, they have more important things to do. Unless they have dogs come by sniffing for drugs, which isn't searching lockers, they would most likely only search a locker if the dog smelled something, or they received a tip from another student. Going from locker to locker, searching them would be inefficient. Some schools have thousands of students, and lockers for each of them.

Because schools own the lockers, they have every right to open up the locker and search it. Searching a locker does not mean they can go through personal items without permission, or a reason. They should only have the right to search the locker. Students are only borrowing the lockers from schools. The students do not own their lockers, they are assigned to them. Students also have the option not to use them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides agree that probable cause to search lockers is permissible. The distinguishing factor is CON contends it?s wrong because privacy is violated and personal belongings are included in searches. Some students are innocent but get searched anyway. How can innocence be known by CON, just an assertion. Pro makes a solid point that searches take time and there are more pressing issues to attend than searching lockers with frequency, it?s not done without cause. Since lockers are school property searches with cause are justified and students can opt not to use them or keep their personal belongings with them. S&G: tied, CON had some selling errors but they did not affect readability. Both exhibited appropriate conduct. Sources tied, not applicable. This was a very thin debate with a lot of assertions made with no proof or substantial reasoning. Doing research on the topic citing law or precedence would have added substance to the debate.