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Do schools meet the demands of Society?

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Started: 4/25/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many people believe that school should not only train children academically, but also prepare them for all aspects of their adult life - work, leisure, personal relations, creative activities, coping with money matters, independence, parenthood, etc. Thus, the main object of going to school is preparation for after life; an average school-leaver is presupposed to be already equipped with all basic values, notions and conceptions that would allow him/her to build the life successfully.


Since it was not made clear, I assume my side is that schools do indeed meet what their purpose is. School is not a preparation for life after your academic years, it is an introduction to everything your parents won't or cannot teach you. People have this idea that since schools are education, they should seize the responsibilites of parents, which is absolutely false. Schools are there to educate you on non-social matters. Such as, the sciences, psychology, arithmetic et cetera. Parents are supposed to give the rest, be that sex ed, paying your taxes, political matters and building your character. Schools are in fact degraded and ruined by the idea of taking away responsibilites of the parents. Education is under-funded and flawed as teaching children the intricacies of socio-political situation takes one-on-one not one-on-thirty.

As for the original question posed, "Do schools meet the demands of society" is false by nature. Nothing can meet society's demands unless it is built on lies, that's just how it is, greed is an insatiable hunger. Schools do meet their purpose and go beyond to the point where they ruin themselves.
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