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Do teachers need dress codes?

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Started: 5/28/2014 Category: Education
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Yes teachers should have a dress code. The problem is teachers are supposed to come in well dressed but, some(not all) come in with either too much cleavage short of skirts(women) or saggy pants and muscle shirts(men). teachers should be one of the most modest people of the school yet they act like their back in the grade they're teaching. Especially in the summer, teachers get hot and they seem to dress with less respect. They wear too tight or too loose clothes as to an aspect when you can see things you shouldn't. As our nation and school districts get more diverse, teachers (and students) slack on modesty.

Pros:Kids being taught by teachers won't be distracted by what the teacher is wearing and will stay on task. The teachers will gain more respect professionally. Dressing appropriately will most likely reduce sexual harassment that may come along with dressing inappropriate. Cons: Teacher might lose respect from your students, wearing something more covered may be uncomfortable. Students might feel they can"t trust you and they feel you're trying to invade their privacy( as in secrets and who started rumors).

I don't like the way teachers dress and I"m for teachers having a dress code at school. I believe teachers should have more modesty and I don't care how they dress at home, I care more about who is representing our school. The teachers are always on our case about representation. And I think "who are you to tell me what to do when you aren't doing so good yourself?" Teachers(and students) need something to abide by to keep them from a downfall in fashion.


No, I think teachers should be talked to about the issue and notified that students/parents are unhappy with what they see - or should I say what they don't see on the teachers.
I understand what you are saying but I don't think that it its necessary to take such drastic actions yet.. What you want to do cant easily be undone.
Debate Round No. 1


Well why not start now? For one, at my middle school we see teachers with short skirts on and unbuttoned shirts. i know it's the summer but, we all need modesty and our school isn't giving it. I'm sorry I should have specified that teachers can wear what they want but, they need to think first. It's not safe for them when they wear short,tight or sexy clothes around students.


OH! You mean like students have dress codes.. I agree the skimpy outfits are distracting appalling and shows a lack of decency on the teachers part..
I though maybe you were implying that they wear uniforms or something along those lines.
Isn't there air conditioning in your classrooms? It should be cool enough that they could wear normal ( not skimpy) outfits..
Debate Round No. 2


The students don't need dress codes, The teachers do. I just need to be ensured that no one will get hurt. Whether it's teachers protecting themselves from students or students be seduced by the teachers. I dont want uniforms. I just want modesty.


Modesty is fair, I agree with you.. Maybe you could make a petition at your school for a teacher dress code.
What happened to all the long skirts and frumpy cardigans?

A news letter addressed this issue but the dress code was a little bit to strict in my mind:

"Board member Darven Kendell says the board has received complaints about how some staff members are dressing.
Denim jeans, novelty T-shirts or sweatshirts with logos, cartoons or pictures or sayings inappropriate for school would be barred.

Shorts would be barred in air-conditioned buildings. Miniskirts, skorts and spaghetti-strap dresses wouldn't be allowed, nor open-toed shoes."

I personally think that opened toed shoes are not an issue and neither are skorts (if the skorts are at least a few inches away from the knee) neither of which used properly are suggestive or demeaning to the teacher.
Debate Round No. 3


XD frumpy skirts and cardigans. Open toed shoes is a little too much in my opinion. same about skorts too. I just don't want the manes: "slut, whore, dike etc." To be throw at anyone any more. I'm glad we can see eye to eye with each other.


Good Debate.. I see who is the winner clearly.... You!
*high five*
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: .... Really? this is such a good topic!!! Pro you have no ground to stand on when it comes to statistics and Con you should have said that, you also are focusing soely on female teachers which is incerrbibly sexisyt and demeaning con again you should have said that. Nether of you proved any weighing criterion or even defined what the debate type was not to mention i couldn?t tell where ether of you were going in your speeches. And pro the whole kids don?t need dress code needs evidence i didn?t buy it whatsoever. Ok con YOU NEVER EVER AGGREE if your gong to agree pleas just forfeit and you missed so many things that pro said that were just blatantly wrong. When you debate you actually have to argue and you didn?t but nether did pro so in my book your tied on that one. Con you only one because of Pro?s sole focus on women it quite frankly was offensive.

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