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Do the 'Dreamers' Deserve a Path to Citizenship?

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Started: 2/5/2018 Category: Politics
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The Dreamers were a group of children who were brought to the United States, by their parents, in hopes of a brighter future. About one third of the children that were brought into the United States were of 5 years of age or younger and from that age have grown alongside all of us, went to school with us, been our friends, and have lived their lives in America, as Americans. They deserve a path to citizenship because they are Americans by all measures, except by document.


The law is the law no matter how you got into this country if you didn't do it legally you should be required to get the documentation necessary to be a legal citizen. The dreamers should be required to go through the necessary process to citizenship like anyone else who is not a legal citizen. No matter if your parents brought you over when you were a baby or not that still shouldn't let you live here without going through the proper channels.
Debate Round No. 1


A large portion of the Dreamers that were brought into the US were under the age of 5, brought by parents, not of their own volition. It was the parents, not the children who are responsible for this decision, and to blame those who had no choice or say in the matter is wrong. These people were often taken to the United States in hopes of a better life were taken out of potentially harmful environments, and to take them from the home they have known their entire life, to be dropped back into those environments, is an apathetic response. To demand their return to their origin countries, after having lived the majority of their lives in America, could have devastating consequences, physically and emotionally. Paper is not the only thing that defines a person as an American, many of the Dreamers have lived here for years now, held the same values of their neighbors and have many of the same dreams. Numerous Dreamers have sought higher education, and hold jobs that benefit not only themselves and their families, but the economy as a whole, contributing billions of dollars to the economy over a decade, and additional billions of dollars through tax revenue. Deporting Dreamers would have a detrimental effect on businesses, causing the loss of thousands of workers, stalling the economic process even more, the income spent by these workers equating the income of another worker. According to a CBS poll, an overwhelming majority of 87% of Americans support DACA, across all parties. The benefits of giving these people a path to citizenship instead of deporting them is the right thing to do, because they are by all ways but one, Americans.

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