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Do u think that punishment for a sin should be harsher than the act of crime?

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Started: 8/22/2013 Category: Society
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when a criminal is injuring a normal civilian , not only the person, but his whole family suffers.
when a rapist assaults a women , she gets torture and a permanent scar for a lifetime.
when a thief burgles into a house, the financial life of whole of household gets jeopardized .
when a criminal kills a man , not only victims life is gone, his family also suffers unaccountable pain.

country's law punishes the criminal and guilty. but who will pay for devastating the life of the people around the victim, and his/ her family?

keeping that in mind ,
every country has its own set of laws, according to laws of ur country,
do u think punishment to the criminals should be harsher?

well, i am not advocating torture.. that is like making us criminals for torturing him.

i am advocating "fear" of the bitter torture that would happen when someone commits a crime,, so that people may be afraid to go on the illegal path , and the graph of crime may fall..


Hello my name is Austin thank you for starting this debate and I look forward to keep an interesting and heated debate I'm not quite sure what your position is exactly. I understand that you believe punishment should be harsher.


Often during crimes, the more extreme misdemeanors and most felonies, people commit multiple offenses along with their "capital" offense if you will. Obviously this doesn't state my stance on this but let's continue.


Obviously misdemeanors are smaller offenses versus a felony. While I believe these crimes deserve punishments the lower level ones often don't provide jail time but rather a fine and usually community service. I believe that the court recognizes and acts on these offenses appropriately and is effective in their attempts.


I am in support of these smaller crimes because people make little mistakes. Obviously stealing something because your hungry or want to impress your friends is not something that should put the future of your life at risk such as getting in to colleges or getting future jobs. Rather the community service and/or fine usually can set the person straight and 9/10 times the same person will never end up in the same situation again.

Obviously this isn't answering what you were looking for so let's continue on and address the felonies.


Rape is perhaps the worst moral act a man or woman can commit. Rape victims and their families often suffer an indescribable amount of pain. Perhaps even more than in the event of a family member being killed. However although an inhumane and cowardly act rape does have different levels of extremity but all are too severe for anyone who has not experienced it to understand the true mental and physical scars that remain with the victim for the remainder of their life.
Lets say for example a teenage boy and girl are out on a date. The couple engage in kissing and well I will leave the rest of the details to you. The boy then proceeds to "finger" her and she tells him to stop. He continues anyways disregarding her command and he engages in the act. The girl uncomfortable with the act tells her parents who call local authorities and press charges.
This technically falls under the felony of rape if you can remember a similar case at a small high school in Ohio. Now the boy made this same mistake but the circumstances were indeed different however he received two years in prison.(I don't remember correctly if he was a minor or a major I do believe he was tried as a minor though.) His offense, although serious was not as harsh as perhaps someone like Ariel Castro who kidnapped three girls for 12,10, and 7 years respectively, brutally beat them, raped them countless times, engaged in termination of an unborn child and thousands of other offenses. He received a term of life in prison. As well as an extra millennium just in case.
The boy who fingered the girl obviously committed a serious offense but in respect to the case with Ariel Castro he isn't as horrible of a person and shouldn't be hated and judged by that one action the rest of his life.
If I understand correctly you were asking whether or not punishments are letting people off to easy? Well no but I do not support that the punishments should be made easier.

For this round I will close with this, we have a justice system that is not 100% perfect but is fairly good in my opinion. People who make the same mistake twice are referred to as "repeat offenders" they receive significantly harsher punishments for their actions. People who commit multiple crimes but are isolated often are given harsher punishments as well. I also do support the statue of limitations obviously something have no limitations but if you stole a car in your 30's you shouldn't face punishment as an 80 year old man. As long as you haven't stolen one recently.

I look forward to your response and I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, i would like to thank you , my dear, for joining this debate, and for giving it your time.

Yes, you are right that i didn't classify the crime for which i want a harsher punishment into misdemeanor or felony.
But, i intended it for the felonies, basically. As in all my four examples in round 1 , i have referred to some of the most offensive crimes.

Well, for demeanor, i have just the stance that , it should be punished in the form of public service, or social service, or anger management or so on.

Now, let's come to the topic.
For categorizing if a crime is a demeanor or a felony, or in other words, whether the crime is a minor crime or a major crime, we should look for at-least three things:
1. The intentions of the criminal.
2. The amount of physical/mental/ financial loss the victim has suffered.
3.The consequences of the criminal act for the society .

Now, let's take it one by one.

1. The intentions of the the criminal is the chief factor.

The intentions can be smaller but the crime can be big:
For example: a thief is trying to steal something, and while doing so he accidentally faces an opponent , he is frightened and hits the opponent so that he would get just unconscious , and can't make an alarming sound. But, on hitting the opponent, the opponent falls on the ground and hits his head against a sharp object and dies on the spot .
The intentions and crime both can be big.
For example: a psychopath deliberately kidnapping and raping and mutilating a person.
The intentions can be big , but the crime may be small.
For example: a man tries to kill someone. He shoots him with a gun to kill him, but as a matter of chance he misfires ,and the person is only injured in his arm. (but next time the criminal may shoot directly in his head, because he has a strong intention to do so)

In my opinion, the intention of the criminal performing a crime, should be given utmost importance while decide what punishment to be given.

2. The amount of physical/mental/ financial loss the victim has suffered.
It's a crime to injure someone and its a crime to kill someone.
Its a crime to rob 100 $ from a person and its a crime to rob a person all of his lifetime earnings.
Its a crime to "finger" a girl against her will and its a crime to brutally rape a girl.

but the consequences they bring into the life of the victim is the chief concern.

say, if a robber robs 100$ from a person who earns 1000$/ month, and if a robber robs 100$ from a person who earns 10000$/month, both affects the life of the victim , but to different extents.

How much a person is affected by a particular crime, can only be assessed by how much has he lost or suffered due to that crime.
well, u see, if a person looses 100$ out of his 1000$ salary, its a big loss, in a sense. while if a person who earns 10000$/month loses 100$ it may not affect his life as the former man.

say , a painter-artist is injured in his eyes, and loses his sight as a consequence of a criminal act of injury.
and in another case of act of criminal injury, a computer operator is injured in his leg.
whose injury is more grievous? whose life is much jeopardized and affected. ?
i guess you would agree that, the painter-artist's life is jeopardized most , even by equivalent act of injury upon the body.

say, a teenage girl who is almost ignorant about the whole process of sex, is so called "fingered" without her consent and against her will. it may leave a permanent scar in her memories, and she may even fear having normal sex.
say, (no offence intended, i am just giving this example for comparison, and in no way intend to dishonor sex workers) say, a sex worker is taken to a lonely place , and "fingered", without giving her payments.
even by the same act , whose life would be affected more? who will suffer more?

well, my opinion is, while punishing a criminal , it should be taken into consideration that how much the victim has suffered due to that act.

3. The consequences of the criminal act for the society .
Any criminal act also imposes a danger over a part or whole of the society.
so i suggest that , while giving punishment, this fact is to be taken into account.

well, i already said in my opening argument in round 1 that : "every country has its own set of laws, according to laws of ur country,
do u think punishment to the criminals should be harsher?"

what i believe , in the present scenario, while we are a having a good understanding about the world , than we ever had before, still in many countries the punishment is lesser than the crime committed, and the suffering caused.

so in my opinion, the laws in many countries should be revised according to the above three points , and other factors, whichever are relevant.
So that Real Justice may prevail.

i am once again thankful to you for participating in this healthy discussion .
hope to hear from you soon.


alevan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


waiting for Con's reply.


I do agree with you that true justice should be promoted throughout the world and that many countries have bias and don't really punish appropriately on the crime itself. I have open point to make really against your last post.


It is very hard to to correctly assess what a persons true intentions were because one person can easily lie about it and lie detectors are not always a reliable source as many people know how to deceive them. Really you can't know their intentions in many cases without assuming and you should never assume things especially with ones life on the line, so if I am mistaken about your prior point or if you have a specific question about that I'm gonna dismiss it at this point.


The point of the United Nations is really to establish peace prevent mass disaster and through other things to make the world a better place. However the UN is not allowed to participate in a countries domestic affairs which unfortunately would be the only to deal with these sorts of things and unfortunately they have no power in this as I stated earlier.

Also to help make this a little more clear I would like to know are we talking about crime punishment everywhere or just our great country?

My deepest apologies for missing that round I had no way of accessing the Internet over the weekend and almost got to it this morning but actually ran out of time. Thanks for your continued cooperation.
Debate Round No. 3


FREETHINKER7 forfeited this round.


Unfortunately Pro has missed his opportunity to reply and I have nothing else to say. As we have both missed one round I feel this debate has lost a lot of its spark but I hope the voters can still be engaged and hopefully Pro will respond
Debate Round No. 4


FREETHINKER7 forfeited this round.


alevan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by alevan 5 years ago
As I still wait for Pro's reply I ask the viewers of this debate how do you feel on this topic? D you believe that America is letting people who commit crimes off to easily? Or do you feel they are given the right punishment or should receive a lesser punishment? Pro I await your reply and hope that you do not miss this round.
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