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Do we need doctors?

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Started: 5/20/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Doctors are useless and out of date. They use 200 year old theories about how the human body works which are totally irrelevant to current findings. Good health costs nothing. Yet, doctors charge an arm and a leg for what? I say nothing. Its a scam. If anybody can prove that being a doctor is not a scam. Then, please step forward and get ready to be humiliated.


Of course doctors are necessary and it's ridiculous to state otherwise. First of all, they don't "use 200 year old theories", medicinal knowledge is constantly being updated with new scientific breakthroughs and I'm lost as to why you even thought that was correct. Good health can cost a hell of a lot of money as well. For instance, the average cost of healthcare per US citizen in 2016 was $10,348, and it's climbing at a steady rate. And that money isn't paying for nothing, that's just ridiculous. It costs $295,434 AUD for a 4 year doctorate of medicine in the University of Melbourne. And that money gets doctors of medicine a vast amount of knowledge in the subject that it isn't possible to get anywhere else.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I can see that you have a lot to learn. Being a doctor has always been a scam. Right from the beginning of time when there were witch doctors who danced around and blew smoke into people's faces. Yet, they are still blowing smoke into people's faces to this very day. Its called modern medicine. I eat a natural Paleo diet and as a consequence I require no medication or doctors. Previously, I used to take a lot of medicine for this or that so called 'medical condition'. But, alas, there is only one medical condition that humans suffer from which is called vitamin deficiency disease. Once you address your vitamin deficiency all your symptoms will magically disappear. Note - Doctors never, ever prescribe a Paleo diet as a cure for any medical condition. This is because they have been trained to make a lot of money using expensive medications which will generally only mask the symptoms and cause damage elsewhere. Note - Doctors need sick people to make a living. Thus, they have no incentive to cure people permanently. Thus, they won't inform their patients of the true cure of their problem but will give them misleading information which will only exacerbate the problem further. Humans have been eating all the wrong foods ever since the beginning of the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago. These foods will cause blockages, allergic reactions and cause the gut to become leaky which allows gut bacteria into the blood stream. The gut is the start of all disease as stated by Hippocrates 2,500 years ago.


First of all you said you were anti vaccinations which almost makes me want to end the argument right here. Aside from that, modern medicine is not blowing smoke into people's faces, it has saved millions upon millions of people. The number of deaths per capita has more than halved since 50 years ago, and if you look at the average life expectancy, it has increased by over 20 years since the 1950s. Not that it's very relevant to the discussion, but I'd like to see your sources for your facts about the paleolithic diet.

"Doctors need sick people to make a living. Thus, they have no incentive to cure people permanently."

This is absolutely ridiculous. It's like saying soldiers need living people to shoot, so they won't kill anyone. There is no shortage of sick people and even aside from ethics a doctor's job is to diagnose and cure patients, not just to see them. If a doctor deliberately repeatedly didn't properly cure a patient, and did this to all their patients, not only would they lose all of their customers, but they'd be arrested. That isn't even legal.
Debate Round No. 2


Quote - "Life expectancy has increased by 20 years since 1950"
Reply - Numbskull ! That was the end of World War II when millions of people died before the age of 20. Thus, your rationale is childish and uninformed.

Quote "there is no shortage of sick people"
Reply - That's right! That's because they eat lots of grain, sugar, dairy and fat which causes blockages and allergic reactions which makes them sick. The medical system ignores this because they have to make a living from sick people so they never, ever advise people to stop eating these poisonous foods. The medical system is just a crime cartel no better than the South American drug cartels. Its all about profit and making money from other people's ignorance and weaknesses. In the case of drug cartels - they prey on people's weakness for drugs that make them feel good. In the case of medical doctors - they rely on people eating nice tasting but poisonous foods which make them sick and need doctors and drugs to fix the consequent pain and suffering.

Quote - "They would be arrested if it was illegal"
Reply - No they wouldn't. Money can buy legal protection which is provided by the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies protect doctors from litigation and buy off politicians and lawyers to create and impenetrable barrier against legal action.

The university system is subsidised by the pharmaceutical industry so they will comply to the corrupt system as well.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
Life is fatal. So I don't get your meaning?
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
Doctors should stick to broken bones and cuts and stay away from disease. That's my complaint.
Posted by Murphy_The_Blobfish 3 years ago
Natural foods can't do anything when something fatal is already there.
Posted by DAVEJ 3 years ago
We always will need the doctors, when we have an emergency, the faster way to find the cure is in a hospital, hospitals have the machines to find the problem we have, and the medicines ready.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Natural foods can't put your arm back on.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
I wouldn't trust anybody in a white coat. All medications and vaccinations are useless rubbish. The human body only recognizes natural foods.
Posted by Owden 3 years ago
Even if it's a scam, what else do you suggest that people do in order to deal with sicknesses and get urgent operations by other than going to a doctor? Are you sure that they're merely using irrelevant theories but not actual research that has been conducted throughout the years? Don't you think what they do actually work for us well?
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