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Do we need education abroad?

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Started: 2/20/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I do not prefer studying abroad and do not recommend it to you. First of all, living alone in unknown city is dangerous for you. There would be some bullies who are going to interrupt your education process. They would steal your stuff and even kill you.


Thank you for sharing your view.
I adopt the stand: We need education abroad.

In order to begin, I will have to state my premise. Education from my viewpoint is any opportunity for learning; formal education in a university or maybe even learning sky-diving. Abroad will mean out of your current geographical location (perhaps out of your own country or state).

In the case of education abroad, the instance of a certification which is only available in a foreign country/state is good enough reason to make the journey abroad necessary.

In response to your statement "living alone in an unknown city is dangerous for you", I have to agree that this is always a possibility. However, it is impossible for the city to be "unknown" to you. The process of deciding to seek education abroad includes knowing the city and its associated dangers. In order to make education abroad possible, any sane individual will take active steps to mitigate the danger or choose a different city altogether.

In response to your statement about bullying and the disruption of education, please remember that bullying has no geographical constraint. In fact, bullying can happen out of the classroom where there is no involvement with education. An example can be the person who cuts your queue in the supermarket, where you might be too physically intimidated to resist.

In response to your statement regarding bullies who "steal your stuff and kill you", do refer to my example above. And if that is insufficient, take road bullies as another example. They do not "steal your stuff" but they can most certainly "kill you" with their dangerous irrational driving decisions.
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Posted by AlfredCSM 3 years ago
Thank you for sharing, I have to agree with you that we can certainly learn more by going abroad.
Posted by Jarpo 3 years ago
I've learned far more being away from home than I ever did in home. I'm in China right now. It's kinda like when you have dinner over at a friend's house for the first time. You notice some differences and slowly it dawns on you that your own family's daily dinner tabletalk about fecal matter is not so normal.

You get to see for yourself ideas and lifestyles that work well without the media middleman feeding you the information they want you to learn.
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