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Do we only like people for their looks?

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Started: 5/10/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Honestly, do you like your chrush,girlfriend/boyfriend for how they look? I mean yeah you like them because their funny or whatever, but do you which one is more important to you, having a good looking boyfriend/girlfriend, crush, husband wife, and not have a good personality, or do you want a not so good looking person with an amazing personality


I like people for there personality because if there just good looking then they could be a butt and you would what
him/her over some one how doesn't win the beauty contest but there the best person in the world.
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Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
No but if so then people would only like Pia Wurtzback
Posted by spicyjeans 3 years ago
I think that's up to you. Are you shallow enough to only pick a partner for their looks? If you're speaking biologically, yes, the body is usually attracted to those who are eye candy. But ultimately, you are your own person. Picking a partner MUST (and I mean must) be deeper than the way the look. If they treat you like garbage, and you think they're pretty, there's something wrong with you in that situation. You both must bond in some way, have a connection if not be interested in the same things. You have to be certain that the person loves you before going in. And by love, I don't mean is always on your side, because sometimes you can be wrong! And if that person loves you truly, they will tell you when you're wrong. And I don't mean let you give up, because sometimes you need to be pushed. So no, I don't think most people based who they like on looks
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