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Do you agree about a holiday like Valentine day?

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Started: 1/10/2018 Category: People
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I don't agree about a holiday like Valentine Day.
These days, people have presents like chocolates on Valentine day.
Valentine Day started for celebrating St.Valentine day but, now it means that couples exchange a present with each other.
Merchants want to sell chocolates a lot because it is changed in the meaning of Valentine Day when lovers exchange chocolate with each other.
So, it is used commercially nowadays.
Sometimes these special days are necessary, but Valentine day is not necessary because it is used as a commercial tool.
And, some people feel pressured by holidays like Valentine Day.
Also, people who don't receive chocolate may feel alienated.
Last, It has no national meaning and can be neglected on national holidays.
Based on these reasons, I don't agree about a holiday like Valentine Day


While Valentines Day does support local merchants and is a controversial holiday, it has been widely known for its promotion of friendship and kindness whether one is in a relationship or not. In schools it is a way for teachers to promote different social skills between students and educate on positive emotions. The argument for Valentines day just being a holiday for company profit is hard to argue due to many other unofficial, but still widely celebrated, holidays being celebrated. It may be a silly excuse to treat someone with a gift, but is treating a partner or good friend that bad? It stinks for those who don't receive a gift or some sort of appreciation present, but that does not put the holiday to shame. Love is always worth celebrating and this holiday is a way to show your appreciation to others. You don't have to follow the stereotype of chocolate, bears, and flowers to celebrate the holiday; it can be something as basic as a hug or a thank you to show how much someone means to you. Cinco De Mayo, a widely celebrated holiday, is not recognized as federal but is still celebrated with minimal opposition. Although they are two different holidays, neither is federal, while Valentines Day is the one receiving the most scrutiny over the red and pink boxes of chocolates.
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