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Do you support the idea of males wearing rompers?

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Started: 5/29/2017 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In the fashion industry, clothes do not have a specific gender yet society needs these labels to limited a person choice of what's acceptable and not.


No, the idea of male rompers lack the individuality that came with the purpose that rompers are for women and women only. Females and Males alike have more than enough choices within their own gender fashions to choose what to wear in public or in the privacy of their own homes. Male rompers are just a kick start idea and only ignite a fashion crisis. A man wearing women's clothing such that you supporting not only against tradition but arbitrary. Yes, men and women can wear whatever they like, but it doesn't they mean should. The same way anyone can dance, does not mean they should dance in the first place.
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