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Do you think it's healthy (mentally and physically) for animals to be kept in zoos?

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Started: 11/21/2017 Category: Health
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In my opinion I see no reason for animals to be kept in captivity, apart from to keep them from becoming endangered or extinct. I see it as cruel and unnatural, and the entertainment for us people is not worth the pain of them living in cages/ small spaces their entire lives rather than living in the wild and being free.


The animals in zoos are being treated well, have partners to mate with, and live in a place that tries to imitate the environment. These animals are perfectly fine in a zoo. They don't have self-consciousness to want to run free into the wild. If anything we are protecting them from getting killed. The animals are healthy and happy. Also, most zoos don't keep their animals in cages. (Obviously this doesn't go for all zoos)
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