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Do you think someone can be born evil?

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Started: 2/16/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I personally think someone could be genetically born evil as they might of had a chemical imbalance in their brain which mad them the way they are,as depression is sometimes caused by genes. Sometimes from their surrounding and environment some cases are still recorded where genes have a big impact on what mental illness you may have been suffering from e.g. if your mum/dad had a mental illness due to their parents genes you are more likely to suffer from one at some point in your life so why cant it be the same to being "evil" as i think evil means if your a serial killer or a murderer of some kind.


Many evil things are learnt, not genetic. For example, Hitler gained his Anti-Semitism from the people he hung around. Other times, it can be slightly genetic. For example, some people may develop cancer or some sort of tumor that can put pressure on the brain. For example, Charles Whitman was a notorious rampage killer that went on a killing spree. During an autopsy, they found a pecan-sized tumor that was pressing on an area of his brain that made him turn angry. People do become evil, but nobody is born thinking "Kill everyone!" Except maybe the Antichrist. Antichrist is an exception.
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I agree with you that most evil things are learnt and not genetic however does that small minority of group who "are born evil" make it fine due to their genes.I do not think people are born and think lets kill everyone however there could be red flags such as hangs around dangerous weapons,watches extremely violent things and perhaps as they get older there need to kill becomes more demanding and that is when they kill their first victim.The question that i am trying to discuss is if someone is a serial killer yet has extreme mental issues due to chemical imbalance does that mean they should have more sympathy because they perhaps "cant control what they are doing".
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Posted by debatemoez 3 years ago
Very good question. Born evil? I say no. I think born with the tendency (due to the mentioned chemical imbalance), but trained through circumstances to exercise those tendencies. SOMEONE must've noticed the development of the evil deisres - and SOMEONE or more than one someone, nurtured or neglected them.
This leaves the inflicted spirit with frustration and despair and a sense of self-torture. Completely indulging his/her desires to act evilly and punishing his/herself after (if not also during) the event.
Boils down to paying attention to each other and stopping the madness of perpetuating evil within our own families and groups of co=inhabitants.
Posted by Empress_Kristia 3 years ago
I think its the environment the baby is born will somehow determine the child's personality and stuff. Nature v.s. Nurture thing. No one is born evil, but an external force drives this "person" to be evil. Me bored...
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
the default flow in life is good
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I totally agree with you, scientists have already discovered the serial killer gene, through interviews with famous serial killer in jail and on death row with killers like Bundy, Dahmer, Green River Killer, Gacy and many others they have concluded through blood work taken that all the serial killers had the same additional gene in their DNA that others didn't.

The tricky part with this gene is that others that have not killed also possessed that gene but studies have shown that people brought up in loving good homes with that gene did not turn into killers. So it begs the question, if a single mother from an abusive home has an unborn baby and we test it for the serial killer gene, should we abort the pregnancy knowing that some day that kid could grow up to be a serial killer if he is brought up in a broken home? It's a very ethical question

But going back to your debate, there are definitely evil people, it's the way your brain is wired at birth, everyone has a different personality, some are born without empathy and turn into psychopaths. maybe some day we can play GOD and take out the bad genes before birth and we won't have evil?!
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