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Do you think that most schools should be allowed to let their students bring phones?

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Started: 11/12/2017 Category: Education
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In my opinion, I believe that students should not be allowed to bring phones to school. First of all, it terribly distracts the students learning in class from texting or doing social media. Also, it can distract the teachers lesson from unexpected ringtones or notifications. I guess you can silence the phone but there will still be a loud vibration and you can't do anything about that. Secondly, phones can lead to students trying to cheat on their work. When they forgot or purposely didn't study an important exam, they can just look up the answers on their phones when the teacher is looking towards another student. Lastly, many students say that they will need their phones in case of an emergency. Well, your family should have already found a meeting point of when you are separated from them. Plus, the teachers phone or the classroom phone is always there so you can contact with their permission.


I think schools should allow students to bring their phones, but they must turn it off all the time unless the teacher ask the students to turn it on.
If students use their phones or their phones ring during lessons, they will be caught by teachers and given a record. Their phones will be collected. Their parents must be informed. Students will receive punishments such as detentions and extra homework. This can stop students from using their phones in lessons.
Self control is the most important thing in a person's life. Studies have show that children who have better self control turn out to be more successful in their lives, while other factors such as intelligence and exam results does not matter much. Letting students to bring their phones is a way to let students understands that they do have freedom and rights, but if they do not cherish those and do not behave themselves, they will be in big trouble. Being strict does not make students have better self control. The best way to teach self control is always to let them understand the consequences of not having self control.
Once students leave school and start working, it is very unlikely that employers do not allow employees to bring phones to the workplace, but workers must be reasonable in using their phones. Sometimes, they use their phone for work, which is not a problem at all, but if they overuse this freedom to play games on their phones or send private messages, they will get into big trouble.
Phones are useful tools of teaching. In the past, e-learning have to be done in a computer room at school, but now, this is no longer true. Teachers can just ask their students to take out their smart hones and do an online quiz together, or search for some information. This saves the school a lot of money on buying pads for teaching and learning. It is much more convenient as well.
I do not agree that phones helped students to cheat. I have never seen or heard students cheating using their phones during exams in my school, or any other schools. There are not much difference between taking out a piece of paper to cheat or taking out a phone. Cheating in exams are never easy. If teachers are able to spot students cheating using paper, I am sure that they can do the same with students taking out their phones. The fact is, that electronic devices are far more easier to attract people's attention than paper. I believe that you seldom see people reading a book or some texts on paper, and neglected the environment around them, cross the road dangerously as they did not notice what was surrounding them, even before smart hones has become popular. But nowadays, we see nearly everyone on the street looking at their phones. This proved that students who cheat with a phone are far less likely to notice their surroundings, including teachers or students who may report them, so it is even more easy for teachers to catch them.
Searching for an answer online is not always something that can be done in seconds. The search process may be finished in seconds, but the reality is that not everything that comes out from a search engine is useful to answering that particular question.
The phones at school and teacher's phone is not always enough for students to use when there is an emergency. Once there were serious rainstorms in my city, and the government requested all students who are at school to stay at school because it may be dangerous outside, unless the parents come to school and take the student home. The rainstorm continued after the lessons ended, but there was an important exam the next day, and everyone wants to go home to revise for it. We did not bring our books for revision. So the teacher allows everyone to turn on their phones and call their parents. If all of us had to use the phones from the school office, it really take ages for all students at school to finish calling their parents.
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Posted by bandgi 2 years ago
There is no doubt in the fact that the kind of life we are living is incomplete without cellphones. It is even not possible to spend a day without phone. best school in Allahabad If we talk about students then at the time of emergency they can use school office phone for any assistance and even they can ask their teachers for the same
Posted by swayamprakash 2 years ago
Schools have to allow students to bring phones so that it would help in enriching knowledge
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