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Do you think that people with AIDS or HIV should die

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Started: 4/26/2017 Category: Health
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Okay so my best friend and I were talking, she pointed out to me that so many people in this world have AIDS and HIV. And how they are have sex with people and are spreading this disease to every person they have sex with. And most of time the person with AIDS or HIV don't even know they have it then end up spreading it. But just because they have it and they spread it doesn't mean you should end your life early, even though you are going to die anyway. Give people they chance to live the life they have before it is all gone.


Hello, I accepted this debate simply because I want to test myself. The foundation of my argument will be the ethical theory of "Utilitarianism" where the action of killing someone is justified when its for the benefit of the majority. Since people with HIV or AIDS transmit their disease to the majority, it is justified to eliminate them. Why the majority you may ask? There are only one people they can have sex with right? Wrong. If two people of the opposite gender have sex with each other and one of the members have HIV or AIDS, the baby is in danger of the virus too[1]. Therefore, one person can transmit AIDS/HIV to two people at once. That is not all, what if the baby grew up and didn't know he have the sickness? It would also transmit to other people, then he/she had a baby, which unless the female follows the proper treatment, causes more people to have HIV and so on. I am not even factoring in the people who cheat.

Killing people with HIV/AIDS will benefit the majority, therefore, it is justified.

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Posted by lua 3 years ago
Lmao, why does this debate exist?
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