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Do you think the influence of IPhones has been productive or degenerative to the current generation?

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Started: 7/23/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think it has been productive due to all the hi-tech environment this generation lives now, and a lot of applications are being released every day with a different purpose, which suits perfectly to many people around the world to make their lives better.


The iPhone has an overall degenerative effect on the "current generation". I argue only against the iPhone and similar smartphone/tablet devices and NOT against cellular phones in general.

The iPhone and technology like it can be good or bad (like any technology) depending on how it is utilized. (Take guns for example. In the right hands it can be used to hunt to provide food for a family, in the wrong hands it can be used to poach an elephant, killing an endangered species simply for one part of its body)

To understand how an entire generation will collectively utilize a technology we must dissect and understand that generation. Of course we must also know what we mean by "current generation"
I'm going to assume "current generation" involves those for whom the iPhone is not an astonishing technology and likely one of the first cellphones they ever had. To anyone who remembers the first computers, first color tvs, first satellite phones and cell phones, the iPhone is a ridiculously astonishing technology in its visual and memory capabilities. They do not qualify as "current generation" in my opinion.

Undoubtedly, there are many people who would say their lives have been enhanced by the iPhone. However, I'd argue that for whatever it has added it has subtracted a magnitude greater. Do they find their relationships with family and friends truly enhanced, themselves truly more knowledgeable and learned, truly more creative? I would argue they simply find themselves more entertained.

MAIN ARGUMENT: The iPhone feeds the demand for constant stimulation and need for immediate feedback that has come to define the modern young adult in America.

The raging popularity of games like Angry Birds and Words with Friends along with Facebook and Twitter users plugged into to these programs nearly 24 hours of every day should be enough evidence to support my argument.

The iPhone has the capability to enhance without subtracting from user's lives, but for many it is an addiction. Some seem lost and feel vulnerable without their smartphone.

I have not stated any statistics or testimonials here, but am making my opening argument simply from experience and observation of several iPhone owners.
Debate Round No. 1


jhbendeck forfeited this round.


Smartphones can take over people's lives and feed addictions to things like mindless gaming and pornography, both of which have never been shown to positively influence quality of life

Smartphones and Porn: Is Technology Creating a Generation of Addicts?

Americans Addicted To Checking Smartphones, Would 'Panic' If They Lost Device (STUDY)

Smartphone 'Addiction' May Affect Adolescent Development

For all the good smartphones can be used for, they are a Pandora's box of negative things.
Debate Round No. 2


jhbendeck forfeited this round.


I rest my case
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by andrea.jlloe 6 years ago
I really believe the iPhone is an amazing tool for people now a days, no matter their age. You have great accessibility to every tool "needed" in your everyday life. However, I also believe that technology itself has become an addiction, no matter if its an iPhone, a tablet, another smartphone, a laptop, etc; we now depend on electronic devices which is not good for our health and our lives. Nevertheless leaving this habit that we have adopted is not in the near future because of the technological advances that are being made every passing second.
Posted by JohaPuerta 7 years ago
I personally think that an iPhone is a good phone, in it you have: calls, texts, games,calculator, mail, maps, international clock, weather,apps, music... lots of things. But like the article said, people is getting addicted to it, there are even people that cannot turn it off, and some can die if they don't have a phone in there hands.

As it also say in the article "exposure to ionizing radiation is known to increase the risk of cancer" CANCER!!!How come a phone that is something material can cause cancer, so maybe this is the reason of why more people each day is getting cancer.

So is our society so damage to die of a,sometimes, terminal disease or is going to open the eyes, turn off the phone and see how damage the world is?
Posted by anamariaCDV09 7 years ago
i think that degerative, because most of the people (most off all teen agers) use it exesibly.the cellphones were created with a propose, to comunicate with everyone all rond the word. but this generation has become adict to the social life it can give. so they start to spleed up from thir families because they prefere to use their celphones or iphone!
Posted by anamariaCDV09 7 years ago
i think its bouth. degenerative because its people (most of all teen agers) use ir exesibly. The cellphones were created with the propose to comunicates with each other all arown the world. but this generation became adict to the social life it can give. so people start to spleed up from their family because of using their cell, or iphone!
Posted by valentina_benavides 7 years ago
I truly agree with the article beacuse it is true. We have become addicted to the Iphone, we think a piece of metal is our life and we even think that we can't live without it. Its unbelievable that we now depend on a cellphone. Our generation is all about laziness. The question here,is how did the past generations lived, were they able to survive without electronics? the answer is YES the past generations barely had TV and they LIVED! And its true because we have all our lifes in an APP, what if the cellphone got lost? then that means our life gets lost too? How could that be? In 50 years we will be all about electronics, there wont be any children playing aoutside, or goint to the playgrounds, instead their would be 2 years old boys with ipads, playing on them. Thats unbelievable.
Posted by IsabelRamirez 7 years ago
i believe is degenerative, because it have caused a big change in the way we communicate, learn and shop. The face to face communication had dropped since the iPhone has come no one has a face to face conversation anymore its all over the phone text messages, emails, phone calls. Physical exercise has decreased since the IPhone came out. People have started to treat their iphones as if they are the only thing they need. People have been addicted since the iphone came out, people stopped having social life.
Posted by juliyepesg 7 years ago
i think that it has bejing productive in one way and degenerative in other.
it is productive because we as a new generation are evolving and descovering different things that can be useful for the humans and with the iPhone we are all always comunicated and aware of waht is happening in the world.
and i think it is degenerative because it creates alot of dependation in the person that is using it i creates a kind of addiction and that is not good for the person, friends and family.
Posted by IsabellitaRamiB 7 years ago
I think that the iPhone is both, degenerative and productive. It is degenerative because people, specially teens spent most of their time chatting, playing, or doing other stuff that doesn't provides them any knowledge, this has some negative effects: it destroys the family life, people become addicted to it and it promotes laziness. I also believe the iPhone is productive since everything is easier: communication, information, reminding things, learning, etc. The iPhone has advantages and disadvantages but the truth is that everything depends on the iPhone's users.
Posted by susana 7 years ago
I think that its being productive, cause you can see this two ways

the bad way which means that it takes us away from our family, we can get addicted to using it, how we think that our phones has our lives on it, how we always keep on saying "there is an application for that", or how we are practically letting the technology learn everything we are supposed to learn on school.

The good way which is that, we get app for almost everything we need like a flashlight, games, calculator, music down-loader, social networks,internet, photos editors, which are tools to help us during the daily life. Also we can search for information really, really fast; without having to go through book or anything like it. Also you might say that they take you away from your family, yes, but it can also bring you closer during trips or when you are separated, and also you can be connected worldwide, and use application for talking or texting any person in the world from everywhere. So I think that this reasons are enough to say that smartphones are productive.
Posted by SofiaVeA 7 years ago
Iphones and cellphones in general are degenerative and productive in many ways.
First of all this phones help us keep our lives organized in many ways which helps in many ways, for example, im a person thats always late for everything, but my phone reminds me to be in time, so most of tyhe times I am. Iphones also hels you by learning, you learn new things and general information in this divices, and you also larn to use new things which increases your ability with technology.
By the other side, we have becomed very dependant on them, which makes us like robots. People are starting to communicate more througgh their phones than actually talking, all our lfes are in them, so if we loose them is like we lost our part of our lifes.
In conclusion, Iphones have their advantages and disadvanteges with which we have to learn to deal with, because we cant just dissapear them, can we_
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