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Do you think the sign "everyone is welcome here" should be a national symbol?

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Started: 6/10/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Do you think the sign "everyone is welcome here" should be a national symbol since it represents racial and ethnic equality? Something is reinforcing stereotypes and insinuating racial and ethnic tensions to ignite a potential civil or class war. Therefore, a national symbol may help ease the tensions and quell the ethnocentrism and xenophobia. Do you the sign "everybody is welcome here" as seen in various progressive cities, would be a good national symbol for much needed social racial and ethnic equality? Whether an indvidual is white, black or jewish, we should all be given the same equal right to not only be free of discrimination but to live without the fear of hate. What do u think? Should white, black, chinese, japanese,muslim, irish and jewish be equal and free of hate?

excuse my unedited grammar punctuation bad sentence structure run on sentence


Absolutely not.

Let me attempt to hammer this out and nail the coffin shut.

The debate topic at face value is simply; "Do you think the sign "everyone is welcome here" should be a national symbol?"

As per your pro stance and starting argument I'm going to assume you think we should. That should be obvious, I guess, but I always feel the need to clarify these things because I can't keep my smartass instincts in check, like ever. When an open ended question is posed; it's really up for debate in of itself which side pro and con are for if one or the other hasn't yet been defined. Work on that.

Next; I am also going to assume we are talking about the proposition of this sign being the national symbol for the United States of America, correct? And again, I'm sure that should be assumed obvious by most but it's the little things like this that are the most often overlooked that causes the actual problems that no sign whatsoever could fix. I mean; holy hell. We're on the internet; basically, the unwritten rule here literally is; everyone is welcome here (except North Korea; not our fault exactly and another debate all together, but there ya' go), and all the same; this along with innumerable other vomited writ are spewed everywhere as if it's expected that the whole world knows that it's meant to mean the 'United States' because... Well? Like we're the only nation in the world.

Exactly. Good work.

Anywho. No, I don't think it should be a "national symbol."

Seriously, among the mind numbing amount of 'national symbols' we already have, do we REALLY need another one? I'm pretty sure the flag will make due; and would have made due all by itself. You know that thing with the stars and the stripes on it? I think it's red, white and green or something if I'm not mistaken.

What that flag means; seriously; ALL BY IT'S LONESOME, is this; "Everyone is welcome."

Do you know why that matters? Because it's IMPLIED. But you sir, you like literally want to go and spell it out for people. And c'mon man, it's 2017, 90% of THE nation can't read anyway.

But okay; let's take the flag out of the equation. We also have the bald eagle; it represents freedom because... Well, it's left open to interpretation and most people associate the flight of a bird with being free. The perk of the bald eagle is it's prominence and strength and rarity due to it's uniqueness. All the things we hoped to represent about our country.

And just to name drop a few more so I can my point screamingly obvious to you; Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, the Great Seal, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument; just to name a few. Aaaand what; pray, do all of these have in common?

Ahem. Freedom.

You see, the thing about symbols sir is that symbols are symbolic of something. The reason that is important is because; well, as an example: The Ink Blot test administered to patients by professional therapists...
...Would be a pretty useless test if it said "cow" at the bottom of the picture, huh? Because then what would the first thing come to mind be?

The ironic contradiction here is that; if a sign that reads; "Everyone is welcome here" became our national symbol it would destroy the idea of freedom. For why and how? Because the fancy thing about freedom is that everyone be allowed to their own opinion of a thing. In creating this sign and making it to represent a whole nation of people goes to say you are putting those words in the mouth of people that may not agree with you. Therefore; you don't want liberty and freedom... You're like a little selfish kid who just wants to be acknowledged and have things go your way because your opinion is the only one that matters.

But that isn't the way the world works, is it? (Except in North Korea; again... Oi).

A flag, like the one that represents the U.S.A. Is symbolical and left to be interpreted however the individual sees fit. You're more than welcome to your own interpretation and opinion of it; and that's the beauty of it, isn't it?

I agree in your original proposal that we should all be given the same equal right. Free of discrimination. Live without fear of hate. All that good stuff as you so un-eloquently put it. But take this into consideration; to truly not discriminate; you'd need to be completely okay with ALL forms of evil.

It's sort of like... Southern Baptist Church members would readily call Extremist, Islamic terrorists; evil, right? The paradigm switch here is that they; the Islamic Terrorists cannot even begin to fathom or contemplate why or how even the Southern Baptists or any/most Christians in the West ACTUALLY BELIEVE they are the good guys. Like, the hell?

People don't normally take the time out to understand that the opposing side literally believes as strongly (or stronger) in that which they believe to the same exact extent as you believe what you do. So in context of your cute little sign idea; YOU sir are the one who is discriminating.


How do you figure the "Everyone is welcome here" sign represents racial and ethnic equality? That just makes absolutely no sense. That is a very neurotic way of thinking. It's kind of like saying a memorial for 9/11 represents the twin towers not getting hit by hijacked airplanes.

If we reach a point in this country where your sign proposition actually passes because it's needed THAT badly; literally the only thing it would represent is that there was so much racial and ethnic inequality and hatred in this country that we needed to make a stupid sign our national symbol.

Not to mention; by putting that sign up and by NO LONGER LEAVING IT TO INTERPRETATION (but meant to be taken literally) I suppose we should just open the flood gates to child molesters wanting to escape prosecution from... Whatever evil country they come from you want to imagine in the scenario. I don't know. Norway. As a matter of fact; your sign with that slogan all spelled our prettily could go to mean racists are more than welcome here. (And they are already; along with everyone else who so happens to make it here).

Are you suggesting that your sign disbands all immigration laws we have in place?

I repeat; that would be another debate all together as it goes without saying that our immigration policies need work, but... Eh'. Save that one for later.

If you want to put up your sign in your shop or store window, or in the front lawn of your house; our put on a bumper sticker... Or even tattooed right above your butt like a tramp stamp; that's all fine and well and you're more than welcome to do so because... 'Murica. THE best nation, yeah?

"HIGH FIVE!" -Borat

But to suggest we make it our national symbol; that just sounds like you want to push your own personal agenda and beliefs down everyone's throat. So at last I say again; no, it should not be our national symbol, nor a consideration, not ever.

The hard truth that nobody wants to acknowledge is that by suggesting things like that (although I know this is just a debate site; and you personally may or may not subscribe or act on the proposed debates) people who hope to help the injustices mentioned actually only hurt their own cause and defeat their own purpose. By acknowledging there is a problem in need of solution suggests there is a problem without a solution. The more you fight, the more you will be fought.

The gay-rights activist only gives the homophobic Republican a reason to scream louder.

Word to the wise;

"There is no quote that could not be made wiser by adding; 'and vice-versa.' -Robert Brault

Ball is in your court.

Please explain to me; what were you hoping to accomplish with your sign again?
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Posted by David_Debates 3 years ago
No, because I don't think you truly mean everyone is welcome here. I'm sure you believe some people are not welcome here.
Posted by Love.zombie 3 years ago
The thing about this is that those that are with it will definitely feel welcomed. But then those that are against it will be hurt and try to replace that. So it's a good thing because it does show more and more people wanting to step out and be happy.
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