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Doctors make you sick

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Started: 11/19/2015 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I contend that doctors make you sick. That doctors are not in the business of solving poor health. Their main purpose is to increase disease and poor health and make loads of money in the process by selling drugs and giving poor advice.


I accept because I personally believe you are wrong. Simply because not all doctors are that way.

I live in Canada you may also live here, but the doctors I know aren't just in the business of making money, but in giving support to the elderly, the sick the low income people who need medical services. If you tell them your money situation they will help you by either lowering the price or giving you a payment plan.

THEY DO NOT MAKE ME SICK! Why would they? They payed a lot of money to go to university, they went through a lot of hard work to ensure that peoples lives can be lived comfortably and safely and they SHOULD make lots of money for their services. Their main purpose is not to make loads of money. Anybody can try to do what your saying and many people do, things like stealing from the company you work for, using the company credit for your own use, lying to you boss about your work hours. However this is not the majority that does these things.

I believe many doctors feel a sense of honor at what they do. Just from my personal experience I feel a sense of honor at fixing farmers machinery, welding up machines that will make their lives run smoother. I'm sure many of us feel this honor. What greater honor could there be to one who saves lives everyday, brings babies into the world, make peoples lives comfortable, and increases human lifespans.

Poor advice? I have never had this experience therefore you must define what you mean by saying that every doctor gives poor advice. Drugs are a choice, people can say no, but if the doctor says you should take it it will probably be beneficial to you. Yes they cost money. It takes money to make money however. Lots of technology went to making drugs, technology costing billions and billions of dollars. Therefore it makes sense they would cost good money.

Come on, I want to hear more on what you say, I believe this could be an awesome debate and will respond to everything that you wish. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 1


Doctors are operating on many false premises.

1. They assume that germs cause disease.

2. They assume that drugs can fix imbalances in the human body.

3. They assume that nature made a mistake when it created humans and that doctors know more than nature does.

4. They interfere with natural processes and don't allow the body to fix itself.

5. They don't understand that modern foods like grain, sugar and dairy cause human dysfunction and disease.

6. They refuse to accept that the immune system is iodine based because you can't make any money out of iodine.

7. They use aggressive methods to fix problems like cutting, burning and radiating.

8. The use poisons to fix cancer.

9. They don't understand that poisons cause cancer and other health problems.

10. They seldom recommend better diet and exercise as a method of curing a problem.

So, as we can see from the above deficiencies and problems, doctors are more likely to cause further damage to a person's health than they are of curing it. Most doctors are most probably blissfully unaware of their own ignorance on these matters. This happens because - in order to become a doctor, you must spend all your spare time studying and have very little spare time to look for any alternatives. This is how the system works. Thus, they mostly choose nerdy book worms who have very little real life experience to become doctors.


It is nice to hear from and I really like how well organized you laid out your arguments and I will lay them out the same way in response.

1. You say doctors assume germs make you sick. first you must know that germ doesn't just refer to a bacterium but also a protist, fungus, virus, prion or viroid. Their growth and reproduction actually can cause a disease quite obviously in the case of Vibrio cholerae the bacteria that causes cholera.

2. You say doctors think drugs can fix imbalances in the human body. This balance I assume is homeostasis and it's not the doctor's choice to give you drugs and force you to take them however if you ask your doctor he will give you a list of other options that will help with any imbalance you have. This is what their paid for and if they don't give you options then you have an issue and then you should talk with the head honcho.

3. You say doctors assume nature made a mistake and that they assume they know more. Well if you believe in evolution you believe things constantly evolve. They were never perfect otherwise they wouldn't keep evolving, these imperfections need work and that's what doctors fix assume they know more. Well if you believe in evolution you believe things constantly evolve. They were never perfect otherwise they wouldn't evolve. And imperfections is what doctors strive to fix. The same imperfections are prevalent if you beleive the Bible. Sin/satan caused imperfections, doctors try to make life more comfortable. By healing or lessening pain. Therfore in any case nature has it's imperfections. So nature does have its mistakes theoretically.

4. Interfere with natural processes and don't allow the body to fix itself. In what case? Be specific. As I said they hive you options and advice it's up to you what to do.

5. False. I'm not going to answer this until you have proof and links to a website aren't proof to me. 6000 characters aren't for nothing.

6. On this one I had a chuckle because when I typed immune system iodine on Google the first thing that popped up was a report by a doctor on how good iodine is for the immune system. So I guess your claim was false eh?

7. People also choose to go to war. Bullets rip and tear, gas burns and infects lungs, flames burn, a-bombs radiate and who helps fix these cases? Doctors! If they use aggressive measures it was up to you. It's all a choice and sometimes it's the choice of life and death.

8. Again your choice. Many alternative options.

9. This is a well known fact and I'm sure my doctor can tell me poisoning causes cancer. Poisoning such as smoking, arsenic or sun poisoning. I dare you to ask your doctor and I can guaran-damn-tee you he will say poisoning can cause cancer.

10. My goodness! Do they have to? It's painted everywhere! Online (by many doctors), magazines (again doctors) T.V. (more doctors) oh wait. I guess doctors to tell us to diet and exercise.

As for being nerdy bookworms, I forgive you for the stereotype. Because that's all it is, there is no proof that is true. In fact research shows the opposite to be true. I look forward on what you have to say next.
Debate Round No. 2


1. 'Cholera infections are most commonly acquired from drinking water in which V. cholerae is found naturally or into which it has been introduced from the faeces of an infected person. Other common vehicles include contaminated fish and shellfish, produce, or leftover cooked grains that have not been properly reheated. Transmission from person to person, even to health care workers during epidemics, is rarely documented. V. cholerae thrives in a aquatic environment, particularly in surface water. The primary connection between humans and pathogenic strains is through water, particularly in economically reduced areas that do not have good water purification systems'

Cholera is a small parasite/bacterium. It is totally harmless as stated in this medical report.
The toxicity comes from the rotten food, usually rice, which has gone bad. If you eat faces or rotten food you will get sick. Don't eat rotten food or faeces infected food. Cholera is harmless and is not the culprit.

2. They don't address the cause of the imbalance. doctors never ask what you have been eating. Thus, they have no interest in the cause of your problems. People who have no interest in the cause, also have no interest in the cure either.

3. Evolution had already fixed basic metabolic problems billions of years ago. Evolution becomes more and more refined as time goes on. Intelligence is the main improvement in recent times. Disease problems are entirely created by humans due to our abandonment of nature. Agriculture is the biggest disease creator. Grain, sugar and dairy cause most human disease.

4. Doctors don't use natural means of curing problems. Vitamins, fibre, acid balance, exercise, clean water, avoiding alcohol, proper sleep patterns etc.

5. Just read any health book and they will tell you that grains, sugar and dairy are unhealthy.

6. The doctor said that iodine is good for you. He didn't say that the human immune system is iodine based, did he? If the immune system is iodine based, then there is no need for vaccination. Does your doctor agree with vaccination? Of course he does! Thus, he doesn't know that the immune system is iodine based.

7. If your appendix gets infected - rip it out!. If your tonsils get infected - rip it out! A small lump on your breast, rip it off! Now that's what I call aggression! Don't bother addressing the cause of the problem. That would take too much effort and reversal of years of indoctrination.

8. The more deadly the disease, the more money you charge to fix it! Now, that's what I would call extortion!

9. No, its reduced blood supply that causes cancer. Any substance that reduces blood supply will cause cancer. Thus, sugar, smoking, grain and dairy qualify as causing a slowing down of blood supply due to inflammation and congealing.

10. Too little, too late - I am afraid. Doctors have begrudgingly been forced to concede, that after many decades of ignorance that exercise is good for health. They will say eat plenty of grain food and dairy no doubt. lol Thus, first get fat on grain and dairy food and then diet so doctors can make money selling special diet formulas. lol

To become a doctor you would have to study 24/7. If that doesn't turn you into a nerdy book worm, nothing will!


Alright, I see you responded in your format so I have decided to change it up a bit and write paragraphs.

First of all your site actually supports my idea that cholera is caused by germs. The first paragraph tells how cholera is turned into a pathogen (germ) by it's virus CTX. Why do you get sick from eating feces or rotten food? Germs my friend as the definition still stands. I am researching to become a vet also and your view also affects me I know what your saying is false. Some germs do cause sickness contrary to what you believe.

"Doctors never ask what you've been eating..." False! I can't actually believe what your saying! It's one of the first things they ask if somethings wrong. Diet; what have you been eating? Therefore they do address the problem with imbalance contrary to what you say.

"Agriculture is the biggest disease creator.." Are we still on topic here? You say doctors make you sick that is the debate now your trying to change it into "They don't make you better" well that is not the debate the debate is doctors make you sick and such is not true since now your saying "farmers make you sick" a totally different debate.

That is quite the bold lie telling me doctors don't recommend natural supplements. Maybe you haven't been to the doctor in over 40 years, healthcare has changed a bit doctors frequently tell you about the different options they have to offer including natural supplements.

That report was written by a doctor! Telling us whole grains are good for us and a whole package of info delights. I recommend the voters to read it to disprove that doctors are making us sick since they are in fact giving us information that benefits our health.

Well how do you know that the immune system is iodine based?

False, the more deadly the disease the more work it takes to fix it that's what raises the money. Again changing the subject. Do you admit that doctors fix it? if so that ends this whole debate. "Doctors make you sick" that is the debate here. NO more trying to change it.

Wheres your proof on 9? Do you have a prize for finding the cause of cancer? Do you know how to fix it then? I know you are wrong I won't debate it however and just ask you to prove such is so.

heh heh attempting a little humor. I see you admit that doctors do recommend a balanced diet. Whole grains are good for you however and that is what doctors recommend as your site proved.

In conclusion you do not have a platform built yet for you arguments on doctors make you sick. You pretty much admitted the opposite actually. I will wait to see if the last round is any better. I thank you for your timely response. Please work on a stronger argument and stay on topic. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 3


1. Thanks for the condescending last paragraph and advice on how to conduct a proper debate. I see that you have discarded my numbering system. Hmmmmmmmm? Are you trying to disguise your answers now? No! Someone who is studying medicine wouldn't be evasive and tricky, surely? lol!

2. Since I stopped eating sugar, grain and dairy foods I haven't had any colds or flu symptoms and never get headaches. Well, that's definite proof for myself that 99.99% of current medical theory is a load of hogwash. Yes, I am afraid that the agricultural revolution has a bad side to it. The bad side being, that disease is the payback for rapid population growth, which is based on grain, sugar and dairy foods. I am sure they wont teach that in medical school!

That's right, medical school is just a drug based profit making sham. They only choose over educated brats that have no life skills and are generally bookish nerds.. You need to study 24/7 to pass their tests which leaves little time to see the real world. That makes medical students vulnerable to being brain washed and gullible to illogical concepts like germ theory.

3. There is the myth that doctors increase human life span. Nonsense! The Australian Aborigines were doing just fine before the white invaders arrived. James Cook thought all the aborigines were wearing false teeth when he first arrived. No, he was wrong. A diet which contains natural foods and no sugar, dairy or grain will result in perfect health and a long life. It was the Europeans that had poor health. This was due to a diet of grain, sugar and dairy which depleted their immune system resulting in early death and disease.

4. I have been to hospitals and doctors dozens of times. Not once has anybody ever asked me what I had been eating before I arrived. This is because doctors don't understand what causes disease. They think that germs cause disease, thus, they have blinkered themselves and can never cure any disease. They just give drugs which are symptom maskers and don't address the cause which is bad diet.

5. Lack of oxygen causes cancer. Its called common sense. Cancer only occurs in the bodies extremities where oxygen levels are at their lowest. Has anybody ever got cancer of the heart? Answer - Never! Reason - The heart has too much oxygen. Ref -

6. CTX is a virus that invades the vibrio cholerae bacterium. Thus, cholera is not the problem. Therefore, you have provided false information.

7. Farmers produce the crops that make people sick. They use insecticides and fungicides which destroy the bodies immune system. Doctors ignore this information because the pharmaceutical industry funds agriculture, doctors and hospitals. Its all just a big money making scam. Not much different to the drug cartels that make meth-amphetamine.

8. A doctor may use natural medicine themselves because they know that the system is corrupt, but seldom recommend natural therapy for their patients. Ref -

9. The immune system is iodine based. Ref -

The immune system uses iodine to kill any pathogens in the human body. Ref -


Hey at least I didn't start with a condescending paragraph;-) Again off topic however I like a little humor in my debates. Good noticing! Yes I did drop your numbering system. But because it is a waste of time. It's in our nature to be tricky by the way.

Good for you! However this doesn't prove that doctors made you sick. Since you read that report that a doctor actually made that means a doctor made you better. I have that same fear since the use of pesticides and all sorts of bad things are all over the food we eat today. However as I said this doesn't mean a doctor made you sick, your saying a farmer makes you sick.

The germ theory is logical! You need a definition of germ? It can be a viroid, bacterium, protist, fungus, or prion. The growth and reproduction of such causes disease as I said. Catchy paragraph, wheres your proof? You brought it up therefore you need proof in order for us to believe such is so. Is it really a drug based marketing scam? As I said proof is needed in order to back up such a claim.

A myth that doctors increase life span eh? I know it is not a myth.
Look at this lower infant mortality rate since healthcare has improved. Saving babies increases life span incredibly. Think of if the baby died at 1 day if it is saved it will live an average of 80 years. Quite an increase therefore doctors do increase life span. By the way Aborigines, Aboriginals, Africans, a whole list of them had there own doctors. Known as a shaman, medicine man, a list of such who carried herbs and medicine (we know as drugs today).

Well as I said doctors in general ask what were you eating. You can ask another doctor then. Bad diet isn't always the problem as you are constantly saying. Germs do cause disease! I gave you the definition of germ! Look under a damn microscope of a infected organism! There you go!

There you go sources telling you the actual cause of cancer that leads up to poor circulation, and a source telling you there is such thing as heart cancer.

DO I have to go over this again mate? A virus is a germ! A pathogen is a germ! So the virus CTX infects the Cholera turning it into a pathogen cause Cholera the disease to happen. Therefore your site supports me not you and you admit CTX is a virus supporting me. You my friend have provided false information!

I agree that crops CAN make you sick. There are reports of such (by many doctors)and I assure you if you ask your doctor he will tell you such. That will be my burden of proof ask your doctor.

It is a government scandal. Not the doctors choice. So doctors don't make you sick. I've yet to see a platform.

Do you like supporting me? Those reports were by doctors! If anybody reads it they will have to support me that doctors don't make you sick but try and help people get better!

To sum this all up we basically went round and round discussing the same ten things. I believe I made my point clear that doctors don't make you sick and I saw my opponent helped me with that. My opponent, who started out in shallow water to begin with, is now in the deep since I have sunk all his platform. I believe the voters will vote for there own belief. As for me... My name is Brian N. Johnson and this debate is over.
Debate Round No. 4
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
Colbalt didn't comment on the lies that I exposed in my opponents answers. Cobalt rudely assumes that my sources are unreliable. Why? Because Con said they were? I would rather ask Kim Jung-un to give a fairer assessment. lol
Posted by Cobalt 3 years ago
Conduct -- I rarely give a conduct point unless conduct was so bad that it took away from the debate. Con was very close to giving this point up.

S&G -- Again, rarely give points here unless it gets in the way.

Sources -- Pro gave many unreliable sources, with a few reliable ones. Con gave a few reliable ones.

Arguments -- To Con. Con effectively argued that doctors don't actually make people sick. If we are to believe Pro's points, we are merely left with the conclusion that doctors possess a woefully inadequate amount of medical knowledge. Not being able to heal a patient is not the same as actively causing them harm. The only point that could have saved Pro involved "treating cancer with poison", but this was dropped by both debaters very quickly.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
Gluten : A Gut Feeling - This video demonstrates that bacteria can enter the body from the gut if you eat a lot of gluten.
Posted by Briannj17 3 years ago
Briannj17 viruses are evolving in just the way I said. Changing their DNA in order to sneak past the memory T cells.
Your site doesn't say t cells are iodine based. it states "Here we describe for the first time that recognition by human T cells of human thyroglobulin depends upon its iodine content..A non-iodinated thyroglobulin preparation that was iodinated in vitro produced significant proliferation of both patient and normal lymphocytes." as you see its not telling us t cells are iodine based it's telling us it recognized higher iodine in the thyroglobulin.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
Viruses evolving is just a theory. There is no proof that viruses are evolving or that they cause disease. T-cells are iodine based. No iodine or a lack of iodine means - NO IMMUNE SYSTEM. lol

Memory of pathogens is just a pseudo science at best. There is no evidence to support it.
Posted by Briannj17 3 years ago
You obviously don't have a clue! Memory T cells provide the "brain" for remembering pathogens and signaling other T cells to respond faster to subdue the remembered pathogen. A germ can get through your body in many ways. The respiratory system is the most common causes disease such as chickenpox . Intimate contact cause things like syphilis , some stay on the skin and cause such disease like athletes foot. Bloodstream accounts for many diseases causing disease such as west Nile virus.
Viruses are evolving and evolve to pass without detection from memory T cells. Don't be a joker. You are making a serious claim.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
jonbonbon - Your body does not have a brain in it. Your brain is in your head, its not in your body. Your body can't remember if a disease had attacked it. The only way a germ can get into your body is through a cut or a leaky gut. Leaky gut syndrome is caused by eating grain food or by taking anti-biotics. You have been deceived by the medical criminals. They want to make money out of you by deception. If viruses evolve every year, then , show me a picture of an old virus and a new one. lol Good luck! lol lol lol!
Posted by Rahjee 3 years ago
(Implied facepalm)
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
No, there's a difference between food poisoning and being sick. Doctors can diagnose food poisoning, and they do quite often. When you get a virus, they do actually give you medicine to mask the symptoms, but that's because your body has to learn how to fight off that particular strain. Viruses evolve almost every year. Bacteria though, that's something doctors can fight for your body by giving you antibiotics.
Posted by Akhenaten 3 years ago
When you got sick it was because you ate something bad. If the doctor gave you something in the form of chemicals, then those chemicals are drugs which temporarily mask the symptoms.
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