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Does America need the BLM movement?

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Started: 9/1/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Black Lives Matter is a serious and important movement that is needed in the US because there is still a lot of injustice and lack of equality for black people. BLM is more than explaining to someone that they can't say the n word or say racist things. It is needed because ICE is killing black people and treating them like trash when they are obeying their orders, ICE is killing them because they think that a cellphone or a walet are a gun, People are calling 911 just because there is a black person around them, And there are more cases happening every day. Then, There's white privilege: white people comitting massive shootings and not being killed in the moment, Being arrested properly, White adults can avoid prison easily while there are black kids prisoned for unfair things and the daily daily one: mugshots of black people used for everything, Even when they did nothing wrong, While family pictures are used on the news when white people commit crimes.
In conclusion, There's a lot of discrimination and unfairness in the US, In its laws, News and society, That's why it is important that everyone supports BLM movement and help if they see something unfair


It seems you need some enlightenment so this Asian women who teach you about equality. Ironic right? Threatening the topic of black lives matter it is a broad subject because the message is very just but what the supporters stand for doesn't represent the message. Because black over matter but so do all lives? It's very hypocritical because the movement states that blacks are treated poorly and want to combat racism but openly supports racism against white people. And Support the whole kill whit babies thing. I kNow Holliday not all of them support that or police brutality or hate crimes but its been proven multiple times that most hate crimes are towards white people and most police brutality is against white people rather then black people. The most underprivileged in this country right now is a white man because of these movements.
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Posted by Debataholic 3 years ago
DISCLAIMER- The following may contain words and ideas that could be misconstrued as "racist" because they are politically incorrect. For example, The use of the word "black" to describe dark skinned individuals can be taken in that way. However, Not every dark skinned person is from or has ancestors from Africa, So calling them African-Americans would be just as politically incorrect as calling them "black". If you get "triggered", Just remember that I warned you.

To clarify what Debating_Horse said, The actions of Black Lives Matter, Ultimately, Are anti-black.


P. S. - If all these Social Justice Warrior (SJW) groups were as loving and open minded as they claim, I wouldn't have had to add the disclaimer above.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
So many claims, And where are your sources? Your feelings are not factual. The approaches the BLM group takes to bring forth messages are stupid, Literally BLOCKING freeways, Streets, And assaulting others who do not agree with their messages. They are anti-Trump, Anti-white, And anti-police.
Posted by hopefullycalm 3 years ago
Black lives matter means Black lives matter TOO

There is no attempt to say that other lives don't matter. They just want less black people to be shot for no reason by police.
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