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Does Ben Simmons deserve to be the Rookie of the Year?

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Sports
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We have all heard it before, "He's not a rookie, this is his second year" But according to the NBA rules, Simmons is perfectly eligible to be a rookie. He played too few games for him to be considered a sophomore player. I also believe that he is deserving of the award over Donovan Mitchell (and I guess Jayson Tatum, maybe?) because he is the only player who drastically improves everyone around him. He does this while putting up roughly 16 points and 7-8 rebounds a night. While Donovan definitely stepped it up in the playoffs I believe that that was because he is really the only offensive threat on his team and gets the ball looking to score. Simmons, on the other hand, has Joel Embiid dominating the ball and shooters like Marco Belinelli and JJ Redick who are always looking to shoot. So yes, Ben Simmons is completely deserving of the KIA Rookie of the Year Trophy and is in no way a sophomore player who is cheating the good fans of the NBA. I do not deny that Donovan Mitchell is also a great candidate but you cannot deny the effect Simmons had, leading a squad that went 28-54 last year to 51-31 this year. Please, help Simmons win this accolade he so clearly deserves.


Personally, I think Ben Simmons is a sophomore, but pushing that is stupid and won't get me anywhere. To make it clear, I'm going to argue for Donovan Mitchell, I think Tatum is clearly a level below Spida and Simmons.

First, your claim Donovan is the the only offensive weapon on the Jazz is false. Statistically, the Jazz had more 11+ PPG players than the Sixers. I cannot deny that Simmons had better and more capable weapons around him, but saying Mitchell was the only offensive threat on his team does not justify him stepping up the way he did in the post season, since ,for example, Rodney Hood had a higher PPG than Marco Belinelli and just barley under JJ Redick, and took more field goals a game than both of them. I understand those stats are not end all be alls, but they do give a good idea about being an offensive threat.

Speaking of stats, let's talk about them. Donovan Mitchell averaged 20.5 PPG in the regular season, which was 21st in the entire league, and was the 7th for shooting guards. He lead all rookies in PPG, the rookie closest to him being Kyle Kuzma who averaged over 4 less, and under him is Simmons, with .3 less than Kuzma. Simmons played the second most minuets behind Lonzo Ball for rookies, but as I previously noted averaged 5 points less than Donovan.

But in the post season it becomes clear that Mitchell is a better player. Looking at both Donovan and Ben's first round series, a clear standout is shown. Ben had a PPG that was roughly 10 points lower than Spida's 28.5. And although Simmons did grab about 10 total rebounds per game, Donovan grabbed 7.2! In the regular season Ben as you said got 7-8 a night. Donovan was almost matching Ben in rebounds, and he was putting up 10 more points!

These Post-Season stats are pretty definitive on there own, but it gets even more definitive when you look at there situations. Simmons faced a heat team that was clearly worse than the Sixers where there best defender was a non-factor who sometimes did not even play in late minuets. Compare that to the Jazz, who were playing a team that had the same record as them, a former MVP in Russ, a lockdown defender in PG and a dangerous center in Steven Adams!

The final nail in the coffin is that even though Ben Simmons is technically a rookie, he had an extra year to get to know his coaches, playbook, teammates and everything else, while Mitchell did not.

Although it is sort of a separate debate, I think that PPG truly gives the best showing of how much of an impact you were on your team, and if you want to challenge the notion that PPG is not a good way to evaluate players impact on the court I will further into depth into why it is in the next round.
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Posted by PushHarper 3 years ago

I only talked about the playoffs since he mentioned Spida stepping up in the post season. And the question is "deserve", not who should, also, so even if it does not come into play in the actually giving out of the award, it still is justification why he deserves it.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
@ PushHarper

You almost had me. I almost voted for you. But you had to brought up the playoffs. And unfortunately it regular season that matter for this award called Rookie of the year. If this was more than just one round this would be a better debate..
Posted by PushHarper 3 years ago
I guess there is no second round. I'm new lol. But on PPG, it just comes down to the fact that as a player, especially a guard, you need to get points on the board, and PPG tells us who did just that
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
1st off he is a very good player. Second i don't think he should win the rookie of the year, Because he already had a year in. Yes he was injury and yes the Stupid NBA rules doesn't rule him inedible. Third he didn't make the 76Ers team a whole lot better all by him self. He had veterans players all around him except embiid. Who actually carry them more than Ben Simmons. Plus ben can't shot a mild range jumper nor a 3 pointer. Note he had a 0.0% from the 3 point line. And in this generation you have to shoot 3's. I think Donovan Mitchell did more with less and did it against the top conference in the league the west.
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