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Does God Exist?

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Started: 9/30/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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2.) Stay on Topic
3.) USE FACTS WITH SOURCES TO BACK THEM UP, lack of sources mean your "facts" will be treated as FALSE by both me and the reader
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6.) If you're going to call something false, show HOW it is false

Round 1 : Acceptance/definitions
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God- an all-knowing, all-good being credited with the formation and stucture of life


Of course God exists. If God did not exist humanity would not exist. God created all living beings.
Debate Round No. 1


Point 1 - No evidence that I am aware of.
Religious people often use the absence of evidence for something as evidence that there is a superior being responsible for the creation of this unknown object. This shows itself throughout history, one example is the ancient Greeks who used Gods to explain the nature of weather, oceans, harvest, etc. Many people view this as silly and foolish; however, the vast majority of these people are mirroring the behavior of the Greeks. One example is the creation of the universe. We, so far, do not have solid proof of what exactly caused the Big Bang. However, the absence of evidence for one thing is not evidence for another. Here's an analogy I like to use... Lets say there is the problem of a missing cookie from the cookie jar (represents the creation of the universe in this case) and I think my younger brother Matt took it (Matt represents God), however, one of my other 12 siblings could have taken the cookie (they represent scientific theories). It sounds incredibly stupid if I say "Well, while there's no evidence Matt took the cookie... there's no evidence the other 12 took it either (theories, such as String theory, do have evidence or fluent mathematics; however)... so Matt must've taken it". You would either have to directly prove Matt/God took the cookie, or show that the other 12 siblings didn't take the cookie. In other words, you would have to disprove every aspect of every single scientific theory that exists pertaining to the creation of the universe... which is impossible. So, essentially, the only way is to show directly that God created the universe... however this no evidence of that. Others use the Bible as evidence for God; however, one does not need to go very far into religion to realize how unreliable the Bible is. It imprudently states that the Earth is 6000 years old, that people live up to 900 years, etc. The Earth has been proved to be older than 6000 years old via radiometric dating [1] and it is simply medically impossible to live to 900 years, in fact, the limit has been shown to be 115 years [2] (there are a few exceptions, one woman lived to 122). People should not follow something so blindly that is so unreliable, the Bible, and other religious texts, is full of such lies and misleading statements as I have shown. A scientific textbook gets recalled for having a single error, while the Bible has an abundance of inaccurate information.

Point 2 - Numerous religions.
It has been estimated that there are currently roughly 4,200 religions [3] throughout the world. So, why so many? I believe that it is simple... because religions are created purely by humans. A "God" did not invent these religions personally, rather, an individual or a group of individuals had their own philosophy about life. Humans have selfishly throughout history depicted God as a human in paintings. There never was a God, humans simply invented him/her/it. The Catholic Church has been known for manipulating the public in the past by using religion in order to give themselves more wealth. Indulgences [4] (paying for your sins) are just one example. Most people here are most likely familiar with the Church's misdoings if they have had past an 8th grade education.

Point 3 - Numerous Imperfections
If the sole purpose of this planet is to make the human species survive... then why are there so many imperfections? Between 1994 and 2013, roughly 1.35 million people have died of natural disasters with roughly 218 million being affected [5]. Annually, roughly 6 million babies die almost immediately at birth [6]. 95% of the world's population have health problems, a third of them have more than 5 health problems [7]. Why do humans have goosebump, a tailbone, and an appendix if they are completely useless. That's just the tip of the iceberge. What about the universe? The universe is 96 BILLION light years in diameter [8], if the Earth is the only thing that matters in the universe, then why make it so large? The vast majority of the universe is impossible to explore because, due to the accelerating expansion of the universe, it is receding from us faster than the ultimate speed limit.. the speed of light. To give you a picture of how vast the universe is... imagine the entire solar system as a grain of sand... the Milky Way galaxy ALONE would be the size of the continental U.S. If we took the Milky Way and shrunk it down to the size of a mere dinner plate... the observable universe would be the size of the continental United States. There are around 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, each containing hundreds of billions of stars who each contain exoplanets/planets. Meaning, there are roughly 10^24 [9] or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the observable universe alone, you can not tell me that you expect to be special out of so vast a number. There are easily billions of planets just like our own Earth in just our own Milky Way galaxy. Even if the probability of a planet just like Earth arising was 0.000000000000001%, there would still be 10,000,000,000 Earth-Like planets in the observable universe. And that's only talking about the observable universe, the physical universe COULD contain an infinite amount of planets, meaning, an infinite number of Earth-like planets regardless of the probability (Infinity is not a number, Infinity times .0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 is still Infinity). Those are just the physical imperfections, what about the moral ones?
I can not believe in a god with so many mass genocides, slaughterings, etc.
God and the Holocaust can not coexist, where around 6.2 million people died [10]
God and the Native American genocide can not coexist, where roughly 90% of Native Americans died from disease [11]
God and the Soviet famine can not coexist, where around 7.5 million people starved [10]
God and the Cambodian genocide cannot exist, where 1.7-3million people died [10]
God and the Armenian genocide can not exist, where around 800,000-1.5million people died [10]
This is just the tip of the iceberg yet again, an abundance of inhumane atrocities have happened throughout the course of history, yet, they have never been stopped. That is simply because there is no God to stop them.

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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
The public question by First Amendment to United States Connotation is: Does a none religious GOD exist? A freedom of religion means religion holds ability to be transformed, by other due to lack of its own missing self-value, for better or worse this fact making the interpretation of religious somewhat meaningless. GOD existence is pointless in terms of impartial representation before groups of people. As the take liberty on freedoms is to create the transformation only to religion.

So can you find information that would have you believe that GOD might be a collection of numbers which form an axiom as definition and not religion as definition? As it is this fact that might be used to establish plagiarism of people to take credit form the legal common defense of general welfare and posterity.

In the United States the lack of non-religious repetition to public opinion is simple using the plagiarizing as a way to have people believe there should be no reason to allow a non-religious understanding of GOD to have representation before judicial law.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
"Of course God exists. If God did not exist humanity would not exist. God created all living beings."
of course Santa exists. if Santa did not exist presents for Christmas would not exist..
"Does Santa exist ?..Yes maybe if you are 3 years old...Does Santa exist ?.. No probably not if you are 30 years old..."Exist" is not a matter of believe or creations of the mind..Its hard facts."
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
"This is not just a matter of opinion. This is an entire branch of philosophy of epistemology about how we go about determining whether or not a ---claim--- is reasonably and rationally justified. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The claim that there is a god is an extraordinary claim which requires more than just pointing to an old book. That is simply NOT rational to the claim. Sorry. Its not just an opinion. There"s more to life than that." Matt Dillahunty

So how do you even know that this god even exists? Through faith? What? What kind of god, especially the god according to the bible with his truly bloated superior ego complex would ever NOT show himself and present evidence instead of leaving his so-called creation of man to rely on faith? Also if this god is truly a god, he would not rely on faith and he could simply come on down here and---talk---to---us. Now that"s evidence. The bible which is in TEXT form, which is clearly not evidence, in which no god would EVER use, the worst form of communication possible, with copies upon copies and translations upon translations, with no updates in at least 2,000 years, and no possible way to trace it back to the original, so EVERYBODY misinterprets this so-called holy book, no exceptions, none. So this bible is essentially a useless pile of scrapping without proof of anything.
If this god of theists is a true god he can simply come on down here and talk to us rather than using faith or text. Talking to man is evidence in which there is none to be proved.. So until this so called god of theirs presents any kind of evidence, he"s a sham, a fake and a fable unless you belong to the club of the truly gullible as many that are religious do rather than being shown something that is tangible in which there"s no proof that this god of theirs has ever done. That shows that those who worship this god with their gullibility, generally have a true lack of intelligence and education.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Matt Dillahunty "The question is ill formed. The question is "what proof and evidence do you have that atheism is true"? Atheism is the position of NOT accepting the theological explanation. It is NOT accepting the god hypothesis. It is in fact the null hypothesis. It cannot be proven to be true. It is the default position. And christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism and Islam they have all failed to meet their burden of proof. Its not up to me to prove they are any gods anymore than it is up to me to prove that that there isn"t bigfoot or fairies or UFO"s. The default position, the null hypothesis is that these things aren"t true. And we wait and we reserve belief until they are demonstrated to be true. Does that make sense?
Caller "Does that mean atheism is not a worldview?"
Matt " That"s correct. Atheism isn"t a worldview. It doesn't have any pennants or dogma, no books, no authorities. It is a SINGLE position on a SINGLE question on the existence of gods. Now there is a world view that many atheists share. Most of us, at least with the ACA, are skeptics, that informs our worldview. Its my atheism as a direct product of skepticism. Many of us are secular humanists which tells us a little bit more about our moral outlook on life and other things. There"s many many many labels that would fit. There are a number of secular worldviews that are consistent with atheism. Just saying you are an atheist alone doesn"t say anything at all about somebody"s worldview. By the way most Buddhists are atheists. They don"t believe in a god. But they believe in any number of, in some cases, supernatural things that I don"t accept, some of them don"t accept that either, so yeah atheism is not a worldview. It can certainly be a part of a worldview. But its not a worldview in that broad sense."
Posted by ShyreWolf 3 years ago
Join the Alliance.

Also wanna see how this debate turns out. Good luck
Posted by canis 3 years ago
Does Santa exist ?..Yes maybe if you are 3 years old...Does Santa exist ?.. No probably not if you are 30 years old..."Exist" is not a matter of believe or creations of the mind..Its hard facts.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
No proof of a God. God is man's creation. God is a mythical being.
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