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Does God exist?

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Started: 5/14/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm atheist at the moment.

He exists because it says in the bible however it could have been made to make people feel better. Also another thing is the 10 commandments. They could've been written to try and make the world a better place.



Hello Debater456 and Viewers,

This is an interesting topic, however I must admit that your opening remarks seem to me a bit vague and do not provide me with a full understanding of the actual subject for this debate. I will attempt to deduce, from the information provided, the intent and scope of the subject, and leave it to you to provide any necessary clarifications in your round 2 remarks. In the meantime I will prepare my position to the best of my ability while operating under the following assumptions:

- By capitalizing the letter "G" in the word God in the title for this debate you are referring to the existence of a monotheistic god, such as those named in the Bible, Koran, etc;

- Your opening proclamation, "I'm atheist at the moment," is indicative that you have not always been, or do not always intend to be an atheist. You therefore can be assumed to have at least a cursory understanding monotheistic theology and traditions; and

- Since your references to "the Bible," and "the 10 Commandments," are not questioning the existence of those texts but merely the intent behind their creation, they are included as rhetorical questions only since said intent in no way supports nor invalidates the existence of "God."

One of the most interesting aspects of this subject is the virtual impossibility of proving that God either does or does not exist, and I must say that I admire your courage to take up the more difficult task of proving the negative. Your task is daunting but atheism has had some interesting champions in the recent years so I look forward to this debate.

One of the greatest dilemmas in theology is and always has been the very definition of "God." Mankind has wrestled with this question continuously for the last 6000 years, at the very least. Still today, we have on this planet hundreds of definitions and, I suspect, billions of interpretations on those same definitions. An individual's interpretation of any definition of "God" is subject to many variables, including but not limited to: cultural bias, education, curiosity, economic station, profession, age, gender, etc. However, if I may be so bold as to suppose a basic definition that I believe we can agree on it would be as follows:

"God." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 15 May 2014. <http://www.merriam...->.

1 capitalized: the supreme or ultimate reality: as
a: the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe
b Christian Science: the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit: infinite Mind

I would argue that we also need to add the attribute of consciousness to this definition for it to be complete, as in any "God" must be a conscious entity, however I will leave it to your discretion if you would like to accept my modification to the generally accepted definition reference above.

I mentioned earlier that it is virtually impossible to prove or disprove the literal existence of God, however that does not mean that it is impossible to discover clues and other circumstantial evidence that would be capable of tipping the scales of reason slightly in one direction or the other. It is important to note that even in a court of law, cases can be argued, won, or lost on nothing more than circumstantial evidence in the absence of so called 'hard evidence.' That being the case, I will endeavor to show that indeed a substantial and growing body of evidence exists today that points to the positive existence of a conscious, incorporeal divine Principle. I am confident that our powerful, though admittedly limited, human abilities of reason and perception will be swayed toward the acceptance of the existence of "God" by the sum of but a few key supporting arguments. I wish you luck in the debate, and look forward to round 2.
Debate Round No. 1


Debater456 forfeited this round.


You are seriously going to forfeit? Common. I got some good stuff lined up. I guess I will hold it for round 3. I am disappointed.
Debate Round No. 2


Debater456 forfeited this round.


I am really disappointed. Ok Im not going to go into everything since this debate is technically over, but for anyone out there who is still reading this "debate". Check this out:

If consciousness is real and affects, alters, or even creates reality; and if this consciousness can be demonstrated and measured scientifically; then would logic not take us to ultimately accept the existence of the greatest consciousness? A consciousness so great and vast that it could affect, alter, or even create the universe as we know it?

I think that it does, and I bet if you think about it long enough you will too.

If anyone else would like to have a real debate on this subject, let me know!

Cya later and Godspeed!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by KevQuixote 7 years ago

It takes just as much faith to be a true athiest. Maybe even more ;) Logic, like faith, is a tool. It is up to us to use the tools to the best of our ability.
Posted by catlady456 7 years ago
God is real. He lives and loves every one of his children. You can't base everything on logic. You just need faith. Just like when you are doing a trust exercise, you need faith to trust they'll be there when you fall.
Posted by Brooke_Stanich 7 years ago
To exist means to be. To be is to play a role or be present. This debate asks if god exists. By this definition technically he does exist. If we were to ask if god was real or not that would be a debate that has no true result. Now to go back. Existence is brought about when one recognizes something. We recognized god. We said, "There is this guy who is in the sky and he makes these people and flowers and stuff." And boom just like that God existed. You can not say god does not exist it is a paradox because when you say, "God does not exist" right then you are recognizing god and therefore bringing him into existence. Now you may be wondering, "Can I let my head go explode now?" Yes, yes you can.
Posted by KevQuixote 7 years ago

Woah there, Charles. Ease up a bit. How about you put that tough talk into a debate topic? Or take a moment to read the following versus from the bible:
Matthew 7:1-2
John 8:7
John 8:15
1 Corinthians 11:30
Posted by charlesyarbrough2 7 years ago
The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessnes and wickedness who suppress the truth by their wickedness. for what can be known about God is plain to them for God has made it plain to them. for since the creation of the world God's invisible qaulities, namely his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen so that men are without excuse.

you knew God, traded God for idols and images to worship. then God gave you up to sexual impurity, and possibly homosexuality. then maybe even a depraved mind.
Posted by Nadine1997 7 years ago
Yes for sure he exits
Posted by POPOO5560 7 years ago
Posted by POPOO5560 7 years ago
Well if you want to pass the time you can search in youtube debates... here some good one - islam vs atheism... there are many things like that anyway good stuff to watch
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