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Does God exist?

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Started: 9/26/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi there, my belief in God is firm and is backed up by many logical arguments one of which is extremely simple. If you believe that an object cannot just pop into existence then how on earth can you believe that the universe just appeared into existence, it makes no sense! There has to be some greater external force controlling this which is, God.

Give me a challenge, bring it on.

King Toffee


Before I start, I wish my opponent the best of luck.
The Big Bang theory, as most of you know, is considered by the majority of scientists the best model that talks about how the universe was formed (However I must admit that this means nothing. The majority of people who lived prior to the time of Galileo believed that the earth was flat.) I personally believe in this theory and as King Toffee talks about "[...] the universe just [appearing] into existence", I'm going to assume that is the theory that we will be discussing as that is a common objection made by theists when discussing the Big Bang theory with proponents.

In order to prevent any confusion, I would like to ask my opponent, King Toffee to specify his beliefs as he isn't very specific in his opening statement. Saying that there has to be a greater external force controlling "this" can be interpreted in 2 ways:
A) King Toffee believes that a deity/higher being created the universe without a "Big Bang" or B) King Toffee believes that a deity/higher being started the expansion of the universe, also knows as the Big Bang.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Second of all I would like to clarify the confusion about my beliefs on the Big Bang theory. I believe in the Big Bang theory as a completely logical reason behind the creation of the universe however I believe that God initiated the Big Bang and caused it to happen because from my point of view it is impossible for such a massive energy release to take place with no greater force behind it. You may say that if everything has a creator then how was God created or who created God? However if you think about it logically if A created B then what created A, it must be C, but then what created C? You can see that this will carry on in an infinite loop however that does agree with the Big Bang theory because the Big Bang was the beginning of time meaning there was a start to everything. And God has been around forever even before the Big Bang because the universe was not around forever therefore something much more powerful must have been around forever and I believe that it is God.

Thank You

King Toffee
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Posted by Toffee 3 years ago
Dear backwardseden,
Why does age matter? Doesn't the fact that I am young make this feat even better?

Yours Sincerely
King Toffee
Posted by canis 3 years ago
"Hi there, my belief in God is firm and is backed up by many logical arguments"
Here is another logical argument. "My molther can not swimm..A stone can not swimm...So my mother must be a stone"..
Anyway your logic does not explain why a god would be created..You just created "it/him/her" out of nothing...
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Figures that Pro is but a 14 year old. That pretty much says it all as far as his "proof" for god existing in which nobody in the entire history of the human race has ---ever--- been able to do. Age says a lot and lack-there-of education and intelligence. If Pro could prove that his god exists, he'd be the only quadrillionaire on the planet, his god would be the only god worshiped, his religion would be the only one believed in, his bible would be the only book read. So why hasn't this happened? Its because his god has not been proved AT FRICKEN ALL to have existed, not ---ever--- Not for any reason.
Oh and oh yeah, duh. No god according to your printed text would ---ever--- use text as a form of communication. The worst for of communication possible to your god so man can get it wrong throughout the thousands of years. Indeed all you have is your bible with 0 way to point back to any original, with copies upon copies, with translations upon translations, and this god of yours you believe in through faith which is not a pathway to truth. There's no evidence whatsoever within your bible or faith. Now ask yourself "why doesn't my god simply come down here and show his face and talk to us rather than playing a cloak and dagger game of hide-and-go-seek? What is he so afraid of?" Since he cannot answer those questions, you have nothing and your printed god is nothing but the smallest of inkblots.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
To say it is "God the creator" is a statement of knowledge, when the intellectually honest answer is "I don't know" because no one knows how or what created the universe. such a claim is both arrogant and ignorant. Because of it's certainty.
Far from being arrogant the scientific method is one of humility. It acknowledges the limits of our current knowledge. It doesn't provide explanations or answers from a position of ignorance, but investigates the unknown in an attempt to reach an understanding based on empirical evidence. Surely it is the superstitious or religious approach which claims to know the answers without any evidence except "faith" that is the arrogant approach.
The more you know the less you believe......
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
The theists gave a ready response to the indisputable principle of quantum matter. Their main contention is that quantum fluctuations occur in a vacuum within space/time (which is not nothing). In the end the quantum fluctuation argument also needs a creator. Atheism also requires the use of faith because it is impossible to prove that God doesn't exist. A just government/person/God punishes unjust actions. If you do not believe this, than how 'bout I go kill a few people in your family. Are you going to punish me?
Posted by atjacobmajor 3 years ago
Why didn't you accept Barcafan99's debate? I myself am an atheist but am not well versed enough in the subject to do a full theological debate. My argument being that if God does exist, he is either evil or 100% passive because of all the awful natural disasters and such. I know there is much more to it and perhaps one day I would like to debate, but at the moment you should debate Barcafan99 :) Interested to see how this turns out.
Posted by Throwback 3 years ago
The atheists gave a ready response to the indisputable principle of prima causa. Their main contention is something they call quantum matter. Matter which formed from nothing with no external force. In the end their religion is the worship of a false God, a false first cause, quantum matter. Their religion requires more blind faith than anything the world has seen, and it's faith in a speculative unintelligent nothingness. But at least their God doesn't punish them for sin!
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