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Does God exist?

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Started: 10/2/2012 Category: Religion
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Did God create life? or was life created by evolution? Does God exist or can we explain the supernatural with science?

THE 201 =)


I rather enjoy "kicking in the saloon doors" with an R1 argument in these situations where such conduct is not expressly forbidden me. Alas, I am unclear on what side of this topic my partner will fall.

For my part, I can prove that all sorts of gods exist in one form or another. I can also prove that they are purely imaginary. I'm ready either way. I cannot, however, prove that this or that god "created life."

I'm giving away the game. It's a condition.

I accept this challenge, and thank my partner for its presentation. I look forward to learning which position I will argue.
Debate Round No. 1


mali forfeited this round.


DeFool forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


mali forfeited this round.


It seems that I have slept through my round. I am sorry.

The argument for the existence of gods that seems to have convinced my partner is "the argument from perfection." it argues that the universe is too perfect to have been without gods, because gods make everything so perfect.

This argument can be expressed as:

"The universe is perfectly suited for the existence of life. Therefore, Zeus must exist."


"The universe is amazing, therefore Enki must have made it. Out of his liver."

Both of these arguments miss the target. On the following grounds:

1. The universe is demonstrably not well suited for life. In fact, life seems to be quite rare. Even on this planet, death is as common as life. This is "proof" of undirected order - or an incompetent god. Both are essentially the same thing, at any rate.

2. Who created the creator gods? They must be even more amazing than their creations, after all. Therefore, the need to explain the amazing universe is even more urgent when we introduce the need to explain how the even more amazing creator of the amazing universe was created. Wouldn't she be even more in need of divine creation than the mundane (by comparison) universe?

3. Which god might have been so clever as to have created all of this? Certainly none of the mythological creatures that I have studied. They seem, to the last one, quite stupid and easily duped.

4. We must also demonstrate that Tiamat is real, before we can put together precisely how Marduk shaped the earth and Saturns moons from her skin and bones.

The attempt to explain the casino-won existence of life by way of attribution to the magics of a god is simply adding an unnecessary layer of complexity to an already vexing problem. Thor does not thunder, because there is no Thor. The devout religious community of old Europe was failing at the science of electromagnetism in their day, and we shall follow suit in our own if we do not enlighten ourselves.

I should also point out that all of this is quite irrelevant. We are discussing religion, not science, not astrophysics, and not biology. I see nothing religious in the assertion that this or that super powered alien from another dimension triggered our biological direction. Any more than I study my old high school geology book for spiritual insights as to the meaning of life.
Debate Round No. 3


mali forfeited this round.


I suppose that the period within which we must post these arguments is rather short.

I've only ten minutes, so I should be sparing with my commentary. Please vote, regardless of the vapidity of this debate, or I will be horrified to learn that it has ended in a tie.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DeFool 6 years ago
I have a different view of the matter.

Which god do you say created the universe?
Posted by mali 6 years ago
I believe that God does exist, I think the world is too perfect to be created out of nowhere. What do you think?
Posted by DeFool 6 years ago
Is it your position that god does, or does not exist?
Posted by mali 6 years ago
But what would be your opinion about this topic?
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
Evolution and God are not exclusive just so ya know.
Posted by emospongebob527 6 years ago
As of right now the world does not possess enough power to prove or disprove the theory of deities.
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