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Does God want me to lick a 4 year-old toddler girl?

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Started: 3/13/2019 Category: Economics
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I have a desire to lick a 4 year-old toddler girl. I will lick a 4 year-old toddler on her cheek. God clearly created me, And he created my desire to lick a 4 year-old toddler girl. This is his way of saying that he wants me to lick a 4 year-old toddler. This was his plan all along. Now I finally understand my purpose. How precious the promise God made to me. But for that to happen, I must achieve my goal. I must lick a child.


i have a strong desire to report you to child services, Please get help. . . And stay away from kids you pervert! Shame on you!
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Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
mankind has the ability to change their desire to match God's desire. And obviously you didn't fully comphrend why i posted what i did. There are times such as in marital relationships that licking someone expresses love or a desire to please, This is not always the case, Outside and inside marital relationships.

We do have desires that we can choose to persue that are godly, Then we can choose to persue desires that are ungodly. If you don't understand this concept then i am curious what your definiton of evil is, And what contricidiction actually entails in choice of desires.
Posted by TheBoldDebator 3 years ago
You think God put that desire in you to do that? Mankind also has the desire to sin yet sin is not of God. You are contradicting your own words.
Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
there is a way that seemeth right to a man, But the end thereof is death.

If you want to know what the bible says, I can tell simply from your reasons and deduction that you are trying to excuse it as a behavior that God "Apparently" created you with. In this case, No. God wouldn't want you to, 1 main reason is the reason why you would do it. Also licking others is a sign of dominance over them or ownership, Or display of affection. In your context it is predatory.

If you feel you have a problem then i would encourage you to find help and counciling.
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