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Does PRC own Taiwan?

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Started: 9/18/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No, Taiwan does not belong to China

First, Taiwan is called as the ROC/Republic of China.
China is called the PRC/People's Republic of China.

We need to understand the history before we go further in depth.
ROC was formed founded on mainland China on the 1st of January in 1912 replacing the Qing dynasty ending 2 millennium of imperial rule of China. During the Qing Dynasty in 1683 to 1895 the Wing Dynasty took over the Island(Taiwan) which was owned by the renegade which defeated the Dutch East India Company back in 1662. This means the Island belonged to China for a period of time but the Island was not owned by PRC.
During the First Sino Japanese War Qing Dynasty surrounded the Island to Japan after defeat. During the time when the Island belonged to the Japanese the ROC was founded and controlled the Mainland China. Later on WWII started and as everyone knows and Japan was defeated. During the defeat the Japanese handed over the Island to Mainland China and during that time ROC was in control( Chen Yi was escorted to Taiwan to accept Japanese surrender).
Meaning Kuomintang controlled both the Island and Mainland China.
While the ROC had control the Kuomintang party was having a civil war with the Communist Party of China. The Communist Party of China had more power during the fight so the ROC fled to Taiwan. Now that ROC fled to Taiwan the Communists have successfully took over mainland China but they had never carry on to attack and conquer Tawain because they did not have enough resources.

In conclusion ROC had never given up Taiwan to the Communist so they have no rights to claim Taiwan as China's.

Reason why 90% of People's Republic of China think Taiwan belongs to PRC.
After the PRC was formed the governments immediately changed the textbooks students were using at school into saying Taiwan had always belonged to the PRC causing students into being brainwashed.
If you ask any people in China most people will say Taiwan belongs to PRC, But if you ask them for a Reasons they even know.


For Round 1, I will only be laying down my initial points.

However, I must ask for clarification for the definitions set for the debate. Since this debate will not make sense otherwise, I am assuming that "owned" is on the basis of legality rather than physicality. Would I be correct in assuming so? For now, I will be making points based on this assumption.

As for my arguments, They will examine this issue both from a de jure and de facto perspective, Showing that no matter what is claimed about the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War, The PRC owns the island. The second argument is only made in anticipation to potential points, And not something I will defend if you don't make the claim that I will mention there.

During the debate, I will be using similar words to refer to different things.

- The state of mainland China as 'PRC'

- The geographical location of mainland China as 'mainland' or 'mainland China'

- The state of Taiwan as 'ROC'

- The geographical location of Taiwan as 'Taiwan'

- The sovereign nation that both the PRC and ROC belong to as 'China'

1. Both the PRC and ROC are China (de jure)

In any civil war, There are at least two distinct factions that form within the nation. However, While they are still at war, All factions belong to the nation that they are fighting over. Unless it is civil war caused by secession (e. G. The American Civil War), The belligerents are essentially fighting for legitimacy for succession over the country both belong to. Without this framework, No faction would have the right to succeed the previous government.

On paper alone, The civil war is not over as neither an armistice or surrender has been written, Meaning both the PRC and ROC still belong under a singular nation. This is proven by the ROC themselves since they still claim mainland territories, Debunking any claim that they are independent from China. As a part of China, The ROC has an obligation to follow the wishes of the Chinese people from both the mainland and island. With a majority of citizens in the mainland accepting the PRC to be the legitimate government, The ROC has an obligation to relinquish their claims, As well as their legitimacy.

However, It is not just the citizens that accept the PRC to be the rightful successors to the previous government. It is also the UN. Under UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, "the representatives of the Government of the People's Republic of China are the only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations" [1]. In the terms set for this debate, This means the PRC has the capacity to enter relations with other states representing China. As such, A legitimate government should have power over an illegitimate one.

2. The PRC is the only China (de facto)

The previous argument dealt with the PRC's rightful claims over Taiwan purely on legal grounds. However, In when looking at the current situation, Some may argue that the Chinese Civil War is over, With the PRC as the clear victor. If that is the case, The argument becomes much simpler and stronger for the PRC. If the PRC is the winner, Then all territories belonging to China (which includes Taiwan after Japan returned it) belong to the victor.

However, This argument, As I said, Is only made in anticipation of potential points. If you do not believe the Chinese Civil War has either a de jure or de facto conclusion, This second point can be disregarded.

Concluding remarks for Round 1:

For Round 1, I made two initial points. Starting from Round 2, I will be refuting. However, I have to step out this rule and make a counterargument against your last statement about how students in the PRC are brainwashed. This is simply not true (and irrelevent, Might I add) so I will argue against it now. Students are not told that Taiwan always belonged to the PRC. They are taught that Taiwan always rightfully belonged to China, And as successors, The PRC has a justifiable claim on it in the current times.


[1] https://documents-dds-ny. Un. Org/doc/RESOLUTION/GEN/NR0/327/74/IMG/NR032774. Pdf? OpenElement
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