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Does pineapple belong on pizza?

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Started: 7/19/2019 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In this modern-day civilization, Pineapple is commonly excluded from being an accepted member of the allowed toppings on the food known as pizza. However, Many (including myself) want to welcome Sam Panopoulos' wonderful creation back on the mainstream menu. The reason we want this is that pineapple is a delicious topping, Bringing out a sweet and savory taste when it is applied to a pizza. It also is quite a healthy topping compared to things like pepperoni and bacon, As they contain a lot of saturated fat, Which can cause extreme weight gain.


Debate. Org is truly terrifyingly spiraling in the wrong direction. First the mods and server admin's don't do anything, Then the people do constant rants on religion being true or not true. Now this.

No, Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Let's first take a look at the area of origin: (yes, I will get very technical despite how silly this debate is)

Pizza was first (at least popularly) made in Italy, Where the bread, Tomato marinara, Cheese, And meat was extremely cheap, Easy to make, And could serve large portions at once. However, All the ingredients are naturally found in pizza. This brings us to our first argument, It isn't native to it's origin. Pineapple isn't normally served in Italy merely because it's not native. This also applies to pizza.

Second, Pineapple does not belong on pizza due to the flavor combination's. Pizza is generally made as a savory-and slightly sweet-large portion pizza. Marinara and certain cheeses are added to give the pizza a slightly sweet, But not-too-overpowering sweet taste. When pineapple is added, However, The concoction is now too sweet, One reason why people don't like the taste.

Third, Regarding my opponent's statement that, "It also is quite a healthy topping compared to things like pepperoni and bacon. . . " I have one statement.

Sugar is detrimental to people who want diet. As sugar breaks down into large quantities of Glucose, The reactant in Cellular Respiration, The process that creates Carbohydrates. When large quantities of Carbohydrates are made, And there is no need for them, The body stores them as Fat. This is what the majority of Fat is made of.

Roasting the pineapple doesn't help much either. So, All-in-all, Pineapple isn't generally more healthy as certain meats, Which don't always contain extremely large quantities of saturated fats.
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Posted by PrettyYoung 2 years ago
Pineapple on pizza is so good. @Sidney11 Ew wtf do you have some sort of foot fetish?
Posted by Sidney11 2 years ago
Whoever thinks pineapple belongs on pizza will get their assets ate by me and not inecessarily the pleasant way 😠 don't get me started about the toes. . .
Posted by InfakeWars 2 years ago
If my last attack didn't make sense, It's because pineapple has a lot of sugar. Mainly direct glucose itself.
Posted by Lynx_N 2 years ago
Pineapple does absolutely belong on Pizza.
I love me a Hawaii every now and then.
Posted by Debater554 2 years ago
Is this what this website has come down to?
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