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Does Scared Straight really help kids?

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Started: 9/8/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Scared Straight teaches people that torturing children makes them a better person within span of a week. Don't blame the child because they misbehave. The parents failed as parents. Mental, emotional, and physical abuse are all against the law unless you're above the law. Signing your child up to be mentally abused is not a good way to get a child to behave. If you want things to work out, you can get therapy. Scared straight might be the way that people believe a child will learn, but I always thought teaching your child respect is how to get them to respect you. Yelling at a child and saying as many harsh things as possible is not respect. A child can be treated properly and be told to respect others and be punished for their actions at once without needing to put your child through a nonstop act of mental breakdown. When a child misbehaves, why would they do it if they weren't shown how they should behave in the first place? Disrespect is not respect and being above the law doesn't make something right.


Pro is arguing that Scared Straight does help kids, yet is only stating evidence to support otherwise. I do not believe Scared Straight helps kids, it's just a desperate move on parents who have failed to raise their children. Helicopter parenting is not the answer, and having extremely strict rules is only going to make your kids rebel.
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Correct, for example a child wasn't parented properly and he pulled a knife on his mother. To be honest, counciling is a much easier way of dealing with a mistreated child. Many kids claim they've been taught more in Beyond Scared Straight, the show, but in real life it's the opposite pretty much.
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Posted by extian 2 years ago
Looks like Pro should've been Con. Or the resolution should've been reframed.
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