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Does Super Mario Odyssey really deserve a 10/10?

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Started: 11/27/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that Super Mario Odyssey deserves a 10/10

The has kept many of its promises and it was first debut.The visual and atmosphere is very pleasing to the eyes,especially for the switch's limited GPU.The controls are very responsive and plays almost exactly like Super Mario 64.


I have to admit, it is a really good game, but I don't think it deserves a 10/10.
The graphics are absolutely stunning, but that's normal for every time we get a new Gen. Furthermore, the game itself has good controls, but what I think that makes a game great are the Mechanics (Gameplay), Story and Memorable Music.

Graphics: Stunning, but not really impressed, it is after all a new Gen.

Mechanics: They feel good, but I don't think they are comparable with the previous 3D platformers, for example: Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy has really weird and inventive level designs, just like Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Galaxy has a reason for that, Mario is blasted in outer space, but Odyssey feels a bit off because it is still on a planet with way more restrictions due to nature laws. Overall Odyssey feels like a bunch of good ideas (Transform Hat, Underwater Air Domes, Many Biomes) but they glued it really bad together. Resulting in a unthemed mess.

Story: The story of Odyssey is alright, but I find a forced marriage a bit off, this romantic vibe doesn't really fit Bowser. He isn't a gentleman, he is just a clumsy dude who likes to kidnap the princess.

Music: Yeah, what can I say about that. Mostly personal preference, but when it comes down to memorable music it just doesn't have the perfectly colliding and stunning effect as Galaxy, for example: Gusty Garden ;)

Overall Odyssey is a great addition to the Mario 3D series but it isn't a 10/10 a 8,5/10 or a 9/10 should be more fitting.
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Posted by Plebidise 2 years ago
Alright let me go ahead and make some arguments against Stephanok. But I'm really happy that you are pretty genuine with your arguments and I understand that Odyssey isn't for everyone.

The Story: Yea... Main-series Mario games are never really known for their stories so it probably shouldn't impact the score. But we don't know what Bowser does WHEN he kidnaps the princess so having his motivation be more towards romance could be interesting and maybe he just wants a family with his koopa kids or something.

The Graphics: I feel like you are underplaying the graphics a bit. Super Mario Odyssey despite not being groundbreaking on a technical level or is as "realistic" as possible, but it manages to mesh out many different styles to create vastly different worlds. Many of the worlds are big along with there being a lot of things to do thanks to the great level design and there are so many creative elements that Mario Odyssey presents that just saying that it is creative is an understatement.

Mario Odyssey's mechanics are actually very well made. Mario's movement is of course fluid and Odyssey is meant to be more of a exploring/collecting-based game while Galaxy has more linear level design. This makes Odyssey vastly more replayable compared to Galaxy in general.

The use of Cappy in the game is excellent, it allows for Mario to explore things in many different approaches and it gives multiple solutions to a single problem, the new biomes allows for there to be more unique enemies to Cap-ture which keeps the gameplay refreshing.

Music is subjective so I won't go there.

Mario Odyssey CAP-tivated (hehe) my attention with its great amount of replayability, joy, fluid controls, fantastic and vast worlds, and many unique mechanics that works well. I mean it isn't a PERFECT game, but 10/10's don't always mean completely perfect, but it can come close and it can provide a very full experience. And Odyssey does just that. Oh yea, and the game is portable.
Posted by Kilk1 2 years ago
Super Mario Odyssey is great!
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