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Does The Joker actually love Harley Quinn?

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Started: 8/15/2016 Category: Movies
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I have been wondering what the true nature of The Joker's and Harley's relationship is, and I have seen so many opinions of what it may be like. I am not a super fan or anything but the relationship between the two just intrigues me, as do the individual characters themselves.

I am unsure of what my opinion is, but I have to admit that would like to think he does love her, simply because even if you are insane believe you deserve at least one person that makes you feel safe, comfortable and maybe even more sane than you really are.

Of course I understand that there is a psychological and physical abuse trend to the relationship, and that both the joker and Harley can and will get physical with each other but right now I have the mindset that it doesn't mean there are no emotions there.


To be honest with you, the only Joker I really no well is Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker from the Dark Knight.
And to be even more honest with you, I know almost nothing about Harley Quinn, so go easy on me.
I watched some of the Batman cartoons and I've got a pretty good idea of what's going on between them though.

Cleary Harley loves the Joker.
And the Joker has picked up on this, since he uses occasional affection to make Harley do anything he wants.
So Harley Quinn gets to entertain the thought that the Joker might love her, and the Joker gets another loyal Henchwoman.
In my book, that's not love.

So does the Joker love what she does for him? Yes.
Does he love Harley- probably not.
Debate Round No. 1


I wouldn't worry about knowledge, or lack thereof, about The Joker and Harley. Truthfully I do not know the two characters well, my interest simply peaked lately and I am hoping to see suicide squad and watch some of the older cartoons.

The thing with their relationship is that there are a few clips I have seen that provides an insight to what the joker is feeling and he usually seems somewhat lost without Harley.

I believe that there has to be some sort of emotion there, I think of it in a less logical format considering their relationship is anything but logical. The way I look at it is that Joker is very detached from reality and so he loves Harley as best he can in any way he knows how, which is probably not our idea of love.

I know for a fact both of them can be strong on their own but the whole dynamic of the relationship between the two makes it seem like, in one way or another they both need each other and both bring something interesting 'to the table'.


Well, thanks for being honest.

Like I said, their both dependent on each other-
To earn the Joker's love, Harley does whatever the Joker wants her to do.
To get her to help him, the Joker can sometimes be affectionate.

They're both using each other, and although love is definitely going at least one way, it's on you to prove that the Joker still truly loves Harley Quinn.

By the way, who's portrayal of the Joker do you like the best?
Just curious.
Debate Round No. 2


Technically, I never asked if the Joker truly loved Harley, because to me truly loving someone is one of the purest forms of love. (If that makes sense). When I say 'does The Joker actually love Harley' I mean does he simply view her as a toy or is there some deeper emotion there.

I am not really out to prove that The Joker loves Harley, although it seems he most certainly feels something towards her, whether this is love or not still confuses me slightly. Of course Harley loves Joker, but now that I have seen some of your opinions I am beginning to wonder if the Joker simply likes the idea of having Harley around, not even as a toy but just as a constant source of companionship, and maybe even someone he sees as sort of a mirror. (Since he remade her in his own image. -source...the Internet?-)

As for your question, I really like Heath Ledgers version since it was one of the first Jokers I ever really saw. I did look at a few other representations of the character but so far his is the best I have seen, of course I will have to wait for suicide squad to see if a more modern Joker suits me better.


"Truly loving" just means genuine love- love that isn't fake. It isn't a purer form of love.

The Joker may feel something for her, but that doesn't make it love.
They might have a twisted form of friendship, but saying he loves her would do a terrible disservice to the word.

"but now that I have seen some of your opinions I am beginning to wonder if the Joker simply likes the idea of having Harley around." Thank you sir.

Yes, Heath Ledger's performance is spot on. It would have been cool to see him play along a Harley Quinn.
All the Best
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FuckleBerryJuJu 2 years ago
The Joker is a psychopathic master manipulator, hence how Dr. Quinn became the infatuated villain. Through movies/cartoons you cannot get an appropriate sense on how strong their connection is, you must go to the source (comics/graphic novels). From here you will see just how truly chaotic and unpredictable the joker can be.
From this chaos he finds only one other individual that is capable of assisting him in his work. That being Harley Quinn. The Joker does love Harley. Even when it may seem like he is using her for his own glory and personal reasons, there are brief moments where the Joker shows vulnerability after any physical abuse or when Harley gets sent to Arkham.
That being, the Joker lacks an empathetic response to anything and everything which is why it seems as Harley's love for him isn't reciprocal.
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