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Does Violence in Video Games Affect Children?

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Started: 2/23/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Studies have shown that violent video games affect children's minds, but I believe that it is the parents fault for not shielding them from the content of the game. Other studies show that it does not affect kids, but both studies answers are mostly opinions.


Violence is definitely a factor in the behavior and acting of some children. Although it is very rare for video games to cause children to commit full crimes, it does cause a difference in the child's behavior in the home and at school. Violent video games are very compelling to most teens of today and they are a great way to get a teen addicted to something. Many teens of today have some form of video game addiction and although it may not be as entirely as bad or severe as other cases, teens may still show symptoms such as irritability when they are not able to play as many games, aggression while and while not playing the game, playing for up to a full day on end, lack of sleep due to blue light from screens and talk/acting of the suggestive themes of violent video games with friends at home and especially at school. Violent video games may also encourage younger ones to pretend at recesses at school like they are playing the game. They may use their hands to create fake guns and attempt to "kill" each other. I have seen this happen at many schools. Students start to think that the act of killing is a mere funny topic that is not important. Some violent video games may also cause 8-14 years olds to joke around about internet memes, many of which are tied to these video games. People of this age may think engaging in these activities is "cool" and may help them gain popularity among their peers. One of the most common effect of children playing videos games that I have seen is them picking up swear words from video games. This is much too common and I have seen children starting to swear and cuss among their friends after playing violent games that use these words. They only say these things to seam "cool" among their peers and hide insecurities. There are so many articles online talking about how profane T.V shows and video games have lead to kids lashing out themselves:
These are just some articles about studies leading to the conclusion that violent video games do cause more aggression in the younger generation. Although the sample group is very small for many of the studies, they all have similar results showing that this indeed may be the case for most kids in America and even the world as one of the studies uses Japanese kids in it's sample. Although I do not have info on this, there are youtube videos about kids and young teens acting badly on the road, possibly to a link in violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto. Overall, although video games do not cause a full intention to commit crime but it does cause or create a heightened aggression in youth.
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Posted by AlFox 2 years ago
They don't, there are a lot of studies proving it.
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