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Does an existance creator of design exist or not.

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Started: 3/31/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The perception of the conditions that we are subjected to involuntary or not is what motivates the cognitive drive. How about an educated or an uneducated guess is all we have.
While the majority of the worlds population will stay with some kind of after life allusion and the rest are undecided athiests sientists until a later date as very few will with all honesty will give up all hope of an after life.

How could existences creator have unconditional love, if freewill was taken from it's own creation, by coming out from behind an eclipse, as to crucify it's own freewill?

When all he asked of us was to love each other and we will learn how to love our self and don't do to another what you wouldn't do to yourself or another.

Towers of Babel (established religions and beliefs of today)
Tree of monkeys (todays world wide economics)

All religions corrupt it's own beliefs when becoming a governing rule. People break away and create there own ruling force. The modern worlds hierarchy of the Towers of Babel and the tree of monkeys continue to abuse humanities humane within a reward based religion or a belief. Going to heaven if your good or to hell if your bad or your next life to come back as something really good or as a most vulnerable creature or as anything or nothing or how about an igneous rock and this reasoning somehow justifies everything the wealthy/poor, beautiful/ugly, bisexual/strait, healthy/sick, smart/dumb, dogs/cats, flees/mosquitoes, snakes/humming birds, women/men and this list is endless.

While we try to live up to everybody else's expectations, when we should have some realistic expectations of our own to live up to. Because living up to your own exceptions are hard enough, trying to live up to everybody else's is impossible and it's all supposedly for a rite of passage to have an after life. Allah has shone upon you or it's into the seven levels of hell or Buddha's and Hinduism's karma, yin and yang and the balancing act of improbability of the flee and the elephant or Gods heaven of internal bliss or Satan's hell of internal damnation and the Scientists quarks or nothing at all that somehow becomes something. There's a whole universe out there to inhabit a place for all. So why and what rite have people got to force a big stick into an existence creators hand or not to have a creator at all. Well I say that everyone needs group cognitive behaviour therapy to break down the barriers within communication in an UNBIASED SANDBOX WITHIN OUR BIASED MINDS

Put down your own big stick and put aside your own double edged tongue for your own sake as I continue to consider, how much this cuts both ways. While I at lest try to explain wisdom's philosophy.

We are now in a the age of consequences. Are the 5 permanent members of the united nations ready to consider change upon their governing rule by accepting all nations to become permanent members of the United Nations? Could this be even possible or is it the money and the power that keeps them there to begin with, while they continue pointing nuclear bombs at each other in some game of insanity?

These 5 permanent members of the united nations are at the very top of the scientists tree of monkeys. The top and upper branches has the Psychopaths/ Sociopaths with money and power designing principles upon shifting sands that create unethical corporatism within capitalism, along with the scientists creating something new that we all must have and pay a fee to use, as to get the next grant for funding their laboratory's with blood money made from unethical corporatism within capitalism. The middle branches are B.F. Skinner's rat race propping each other up finding some security in there so called successes. Surrounding themselves with creature comforts along with the scientists that have to invent something new that we all must have and pay a fee to use, so that they both can have there names up in light as to move up the tree of monkeys. Upon the lower branches are humanities humane and the educated undecided atheist scientists all working together as slaves, yes slaves that have no more then the basic necessities of life and then there's the people on the ground that shift through the sewage that trickles effectively all the way from the very top and the only thing that varies is the depth.

The only love I see on this tree of monkeys is humanities humane and the educated undecided atheist scientists all as slaves working together on the lowest branches as not to drowned in the rising sewege. Saving who they can from drowning within tidal surges that continues to trickle down effectively poisoning the roots of the tree that creates an existence within a Skinner box materialist throw-away society.

Abraham's religions and the Tower of Babel, from what the stories say in all of the books of religion and on the all sites that portray it to be a God that destroyed the tower of Babel in disgust all because it became much like the tree of monkeys with out the scientists, as all of the scientists where labelled as witches and warlocks and locked away or executed for acts of heresy.

Abraham was a good guy he was also the first messenger of an existence creator the one and only. The word Babel was an attempt to break down the barriers of communication to reach our own existence creator who was believed to be in the heavens. Be it that heaven was at the very top of the Tower of Babel. All religions all nations could supposedly communicate with each other within the miracle gift of speaking in tongues. These nations and religions where "Excuse me for the copy and past from Wikipedia on all the worlds religions I may have not have listed them all and the fact that some of these newer religions and of old are out of the time frame within that era, but you get the idea"the Shamanism, Animism, Pantheism, Sikhism, Polytheism, Pantheon (gods), and Paganism, Ancient Near Eastern religion, Egyptian mythology, Ancient Greek religion, Ancient Roman religion, Germanic paganism, Finnish Paganism, Norse paganism, Maya religion, Inca religion, Aztec religion, Neopaganism, Polytheistic reconstructionism, Monotheism, Abrahamic religions. Aten, Judaism, Neoplatonism, Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, Islam Zoroastrianism, Monism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Dualis, Gnosticism and many more.

As to have a position upon this tower of Babel you had to be the leader of your religion or beliefs hierarchy and all that mattered was who could be trusted with the tree/ book of knowledge. All on-board become in-captured within a love that was so pure, no one could measure. It was so overwhelming all that tried to make there way up the tower where ridiculed and ostracized by another upon the stoop above and all about them. Slandering each others name and reputation as to drive them back down making those about them look undeserving or feeling unworthy. The most desperately sort stoops where at as high as the tower could be built and as not to lose there position the higher the tower got and the more that the leaders defended there position upon their stoop and the higher the tower become towards the heavens. Until it all fell down and they all together blamed our own existence creator.

Saying things like if existence creator has all the answers and knows all, why wasn't something or anything done about it before this happened and it still goes on today in all religions and beliefs and within the scientists tree of monkeys while the majority of people, still force a big stick into our existence creators hand or not to have a creator at all.

Unconditional love is as infinite as an existence creator of design. This is the why and how we became humane.

Peace be with you and all praise and glory belong to our own existence creator.


I agree with everything Con has said, it is amazing how he analyses the design so intricately.
Debate Round No. 1


It is aprils fools day as well as Easter Day so lets all just for fun turn it all around just for the now believing in some kind of existance creator design.
Athiests as of late proves that there is no such thing as a true non beleiver of an existance creator of design exists at all.


Con agrees that a creator exists.
Debate Round No. 2


Fitting icon an empty bench seat for an atheist. Or is it your on the bench of a kangaroo courthouse?
I will without a dought prophesize that any that vote on this stupid site will only be atheists or have an empty box on religion in their site profile or are trolls that "of course" fool no one else but themselves.


Only insults but no arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


My heart is paining for RMTheSupreme.

Please forgive me for yes I am a dog t#rd. I would like to meet you in person and buy you lunch. Or do for you a good turn. But I am a dog t#rd that hasn't for my own sake become hard white and crumbly. For that day I suppose is on the way. I hope I don't stink too much for you to even consider speaking with me ever again.

Once upon a time in my life at about 24 years old a man of about the same age accused me to be a know all know nothing. I took offence to that it hurt me badly he was much larger then I. I could have given him a bunch of fives but I am not good with the fisty cuffs and I really hope that I don't need to be. But as I have over the years thought so very hard about what he could have meant. I would shake his hand and thank him or even hug that man if I ever meet with him again.

Peace be with you RMTheSupreme. I am sorry and I do humbly apologise with all of, that I am.

So I will at least share a story with you that many find peace within.

Jesus and a woman walked upon the wet sands at the beach and left two pairs of footprints behind them. But when the woman looked back there were but only one pair of footprints. She asked where did you go, why did you leave me behind? and Jesus answered I didn't go anywhere that my dear friend was when I was carrying you.


When I carry a woman, the sand gets wet as well. I suppose Jesus and I have a lot in common.
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
allright prove it.
Now if you see a person in a deep round hole digging a well with a shovel deeper and deeper and no matter what you do to get them out with a rope and refuse your help and you pass them a ladder and they still refuse to climb out and refuse your help all because they need to find there own way out.

So you can only sit back and watch as the hole for the well gets deeper and deeper until it's so deep that the efforts made to go deeper are in vain because the dirt just can't with all might be thrown up and out of the hole.

So now the hole for the hole for the welll is so deep the person and you have no water to fill up the hole as to float out that person and now the rope isn't long enough and the ladder even combined with the ladder isn't tall enough. So how could that person in the hole still get out of that hole with no more then a shovel?

this is not a trick question
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@2far4u2CharlesDarwin - Well you opened the bag by posting my one of my debates. So you well deserve the following... And you do get that you are that sinking ship - correct? Duh with a big fat dildo desire crammed into your lard a$$ fully of jelly rolls waiting for your pubic hairs ten feet long to get strangled on it so hard and strong. Oh but wait by gum, YOUR god created Hitler gosh golly gee gosh darned it all who was a devout christian. AND he created Hong Xiuquan. YOU look this guy up who knew himself to be the younger brother of christ because you are far too stupid and unedumacated to know who he was. And he also created Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, all serial killers, all pedophiles, all rapists, all torturers, all gangbangers like yourself. And if not then its simple, then your god is not a god, and is not in control of everything, is not in charge of everything, is not all knowing nor is he all powerful, does not know everything, is not omnipotent, is not perfect. Now we cannot have that can we oh great He-Man and She-Ra puny dick duck sauce who is not a christian at all? Oh but wait, it not "we" now is it? Its you. Only you. All alone in this world with no genuine friends or loved ones. Poor little lost you crying on your beefy windbag shoulders. You picked the wrong guy to f--k with. I am a lot lot lot smarter than you, a lot more intelligent than you, a lot more educated than you. Wow I even know how to degrade, humiliate and dehumanize you like the suffering little piglet that you knowingly are as you can't possibly do to me because I have risen way way way Buzz Lightgears above you. And I will ALWAYS know a lot more about your suffering painful rectal itch god, bible and religion than you EVER will.
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