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Does fashion determine who we are?

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Started: 11/20/2013 Category: Fashion
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Does "Fashion" determine who we are (to an extent), for example: "We wear what we are, we are what we wear."_that piece was found in a song produced/sang by Macklemore* When i heard it for the first time i couldn't let it go, my first opinion was: "yes tis true." Why?

Well for example, We see a man wearing sport's clothes most days ( and thats his regular outfit/ his fashion) so just by observing what he wears we can tell that he likes sports or that he himself is an athlete. By seeing someone with the latest brand clothes which are quite expensive we could see that the person wants to impress others or maybe even himself, so we see someone who wants to be popular or try to fit in the crowd. (my first argument)


Though it is true that one can assume a person's interests and personality by their attire, it's never good to assume anything. I don't think that fashion determines who we are, because a person's likes or interests doesn't always match their personality. For example, there's a girl who likes to dress with a preppy style; plaid skirts, oxford shirts, etc. If she were in school, one would assume that she is probably a smart girl, or a very studious girl. However, she could be just the opposite, she only dresses this way, because she likes the way she looks in the outift. So, I say that fashion doesn't determine who we are, because every inside interest doesn't always match the outside attire.
Debate Round No. 1


It is true about what you said there with the girl, I guess in todays society the odds are against me, as in the past, fashions weren't as out of bounds as they are now, in the past nobody would dress as a smart, intelligent student or in their terms, as a 'nerd' or 'geek' if they were to be a jock or some sort of athlete or popular kid, as it would be 'un-cool' or it would ruin their reputation. I just think that fashion has a role in our lives that brings a sense of personality, characteristic or helps to describe someone, clearly from your statement i wouldn't say that we are what we wear, but it does aid in determining who some one is, like scanning through a passage of a story, you pick up a few things which might seem unclear, but gives you a hint of whats going on.

We see what someone wears and we have the ability to jump to a few conclusions on who they are, in some occasions your conclusions or assumptions would be true, just another example: We see a teenager wearing all black, with his/her hair down, barley showing off their eyes, with black hair and lets say with some make-up, most of the times we will always jump the gun and think that the person might suffer from depression, and most times we will be right, because we are brought up in a society where 'emos' or 'goths' have a certain fashion, thus if one had to dress like them we would automatically consider them to be an 'emo' or goth, they should also know that if they had to dress like 'emos' or 'goths' that they would be viewed as 'emos' or 'goths' with their specific personalities.


anewton97 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by shevlinmsc2014 5 years ago
ALthough I do not think fashion defines who we are, I do think the way a person presents them self tells a lot about them and their personality. But it is not right to judge someone based on their clothes because we do not know their situations. Unfortunately, our first impressions of people typically stem from how they dress themselves.
Posted by paigemsc2014 5 years ago
Fashion lets an individual express themselves. You can tell one's personality through the attire they wear. However, I do not think it determines who we are as an individual. Unfortunately, people sometimes judge others based on what they chose to wear and make an untruthful judgement about the person. You can not determine who the individual is on the surface, rather you need to go deeper to truly figure out who the person really is.
Posted by LukeMorrison 5 years ago
I think that fashion is merely a reflection of our minds, as opposed to determining who we are. It can often reveal parts of our minds to the outside world, but that doesn't nessercarily make it a part of who we are. Take Goths for example. They may dress in black and wear make up for fun, or for an experiment or to be noticed etc but that doesn't mean they will act any differently to anyone else in a certain situation, for example helping an injured person. Just because they're a goth, it doesn't hinder their ability to help this person. Its like looking in a mirror - your reflection may show parts of your character, but it does not define who you are and you should not let it. So why should clothes be any different? Its also true to say that Many people may judge a person by what they wear, but again this should not hold Someone back when trying to express themselves, so the people judging (if they are good people) will forget about your choice of clothes as soon as they've met you, and base who you are as a person on your character and not your dress sense. I hope this helps with your opinion
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