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Does feminism sometimes go too far?

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Started: 1/7/2014 Category: People
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On the popular social media website "Facebook" I had an encounter with a friend of mine who had posted an article titled "18 Things Women Shouldn't Have to Justify" from the website I proposed that the article was taking feminism a bit far; it poorly written and argumentative. I was surprised when this friend, for whom I have so much respect, replied that I was invading her space and that because none of these issues concerned me due to my gender I shouldn't even comment. So now I bring it to you guys. Also, this is my first time trying this on this website... exciting! Doesn't mean you have to go easy on me at all though.


Your friend's response isn't the most reliable one I would use to base how feminism is upon. Simply because she's for female rights doesn't mean she's a feminist. I'm a feminist. I would say that it DOES NOT go too far based purely upon the parameters that the sexism is this country has gone way too far to even consider feminism going too far.

I'm not a fan of your friend's response because it's purely immature. I think she's assuming that, since you're a male, you wouldn't comprehend feminism, and I don't think that's the truth. It's possible for a male to not only understand feminism, but to be a feminist as well.

I'd like an example of why feminism has gone too far, I think I'll be able to debate you a little bit better with that information at hand.
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Posted by kbub 6 years ago
@ Jay_D: I do not appreciate it when people explain what "feminists say," as if they are all the same with a few special exceptions.
1) I don't think you understands what feminism is, as I have already explained. Feminism is based on the weird belief that someone is not inferior or superior based on her/his gender or sex. That's it. If you believe that is the case, you are probably a feminist.
2) People, including feminists, say stupid things from time to time, but you never explain why feminism is the source of the stupidity, or why feminism has gone too far,
3) You say it's obvious that feminists are wrong, but you don't actually quote (or at least cite quotes) of feminists. You made them up.
4) Several of your quotes are debatably sexist, and so would not be feminism at all.
5) Many of your arguments are not against feminism but against women.
6) Making your language gender-inclusive is a common courtesy. I have the right to criticize the use of gender-exclusive language. While it is a small thing, because we use pronouns so often it can have a large effect. Psychologists found that using a male-neutral pronoun instead of a male-female-neutral pronoun like s/he makes a difference in whether one pictures a man or a woman. So if one refers to an unknown doctor as "he," one pictures a male. I pointed it out in this particular debate because I found it telling that Pro dismissed women through her/his pronoun use before the debate about feminism began.
7) Do not think for a second that my being bothered by gender-exclusive pronouns renders me incapable of reading. I do, however, think its important to include the other 50% (51%) of the population when one speaks.
8) Your grouping of feminists as "the rest of them" is indicative of an ingoup-outgroup mentality, much like racism. You assume that "they're all the same," or at least "they all say the same sorts of things."
Posted by tinkydoll 6 years ago
I am a feminist (as every woman should be) and I sadly have to agree with you on this. The fact that she said "it doesn't relate to your gender" makes no sense to me as the purpose of feminism is to gain equality of the sexes, so it has everything to do with men!
Posted by Jay-D 6 years ago
There's no reason to get offended when someone says "guys" instead of "guys and girls". I've seen so many women use "guys" as well.
It is the convention to use words like "guys" and "mankind". You can't just go ballistic on someone who forgets to use gender-neutral words. That's actually an example of feminism going too far.

On a different note, I agree with the instigator. Some feminists are good people, fighting for what's fair, such as anti-rape and prevention of violence against women. I always support such people.
The rest are taking it too far, like "we give birth so we're superior, give us concessions in every field", or "I'm a woman, so if I'm ever in an argument with a man, it's always his fault (especially in minor road accidents and divorce cases)", or "you said 'he' and not 'he/she', so you're inconsiderate and don't deserve to be heard at all".
So obviously, feminism, in an overall quantified sense, is going too far.
Posted by Caploxion 6 years ago
"... I was invading her space and that because none of these issues concerned me due to my gender I shouldn't even comment."

To say that your arguments should not be considered, purely because of your gender, is Ad Hominem. You have every right to have an opinion on the subject, and you are capable of making logical arguments, regardless of your gender.
Posted by Cooldudebro 6 years ago
I think there are some things women can't do. I hate when they say they can.
Posted by kbub 6 years ago
"So now I bring it to you "guys."" Seems like maybe a poor choice of words :P. Honestly, barebones feminism suggests that people ought to be given equality independent of gender/sex. Is that "going too far?" Also, is the subject of this debate your personal life on facebook? I'm not sure if I would be expected to defend your friend or that article. That would be really unfair if I did. Am I supposed to defend the actions of every single comment of every single feminist? If so, that'd be really unfair. Also, why do you seem to assume that all feminists are alike? Also, would this be feminism going too far or a feminist going too far? A lot of questions I know, sorry XP
Posted by msheahan99 6 years ago
I agree, there comes a point with feminism where it gets to be not to provide equality but to provide an argument. Most women wouldn't be annoyed about these things, but as soon as they read about it online they feel it is sexist. I do get annoyed about how feminist want something to be annoyed over, why can't we all just be equal and leave it at that?
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