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Does the Bible have a hidden code?

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Started: 10/7/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I recently posted a debate on whether the Bible has more than what is obvious. I believe that there is more, however as this debate brings up, not a cryptic code as many think. My reasoning for saying this is that if God set a cryptic code he would have also needed to explain the "rules" of its cryptic grammar. To every puzzle or riddle there must be certain rules for operation. For example, a rubix cube must be solved by rotating the available sequences of colors. If one simply takes the stickers off and places them together by color, the puzzle has been solved but incorrectly as this violates its rules. Similarly, the Bible would have to give specific rules of operation. Having not seen such rules I believe that it wouldn't be cryptic if we aren't supplied the rules. My belief is that the Bible hides its information by means of morality, and though I also believe that its main message is easily understood and its teachings of morality true, its teachings can often be principles underlying its laws and regulations. By simplifying the principles underlying its text, I believe that the Bible gives instruction in, for example, strategy. I want to further discuss this in later rounds of this debate. Also as a message to the contender I want a friendly debate. I am not so much out to prove my thought as I am to reach the truth of the matter. Right or wrong, I intend this to be a learning experience where both sides if you even call it that, search for truth rather than ones own opinion as the Bible says that iron sharpens iron.


Hi. I've found the Bible does indeed go much deeper than the surface. I wouldn't call it a hidden code. I would simply call it a more fully accurate understanding. My proposition is that the pinnacle of the entire Bible is the human soul. Born pure of a virgin, miraculous, rejected and buried yet still lives. Think about this for a minute. The soul is infinite and eternal. God is infinite and eternal. Like Father like son. Does this ring a bell? He who has seen me has seen the Father. He who has seen the soul has seen God. It and the Father are one.

This message has been missed for centuries in favor something more convenient and more digestible to the masses and in favor of something more profitable. Without the soul, however, no one can feel good enough because it is the source of our self-worth. The effects are that we have to compensate for lack of self-worth by believing in a religion, by having a successful career, by raising a family, acquiring trophies, etc. Notice these are not self-worth because they depend on circumstances, situations and conditions outside the self. The true genuine self-worth of the soul comes from the divinity within which is the soul. Most people don't even know this to be a problem.

It is the personality that stands in the way of us experiencing the soul. We were very close to the soul when we were children. During the transition to adulthood we turn our backs on it in favor of an identity that will bring us favor from our parents, approval from our authority figures and love from our peers. The personality structures its defenses on the avoidance of feelings of worthlessness. Yet the personality is not us. We take it to be all of who and what we are when it is really an imitation of the true identity of the soul.

Jesus is symbolic of this infinite eternal part of us. The soul has the purest qualities that cast away all doubt and fear about the existence of God. It is perfection, kindness, patience, love, clarity, brilliance, joy and peace in and of themselves. These qualities are unconditional meaning they are always present which is one of the qualities the purity of the virgin points to. The miracles jesus performed are symbolic of the properties of the soul. It scatters the legion of voices in our heads over the edge of the cliff and restores us to sanity. We are the man shackled in bondage to the personality in the story. If we can just touch the fringe of its robe we will be healed from unconscious lack of self-worth. The emptiness we feel inside turns into a presence and fullness and this represents Jesus turning water into wine.

Notice how the soul is buried and rejected. It is not included in the Trinity. Here is the cornerstone the builders rejected. It is judged as sinful.Notice how biting the forbidden fruit of judgment is the downfall of mankind. We think we can judge everything and don't know when to quit. We even judge the soul and do not realize we are fighting a war against God. It's no wonder the history of the world has seen such turmoil. what has happened is that the tool of judgment uses us instead of us using it. Consider how we are made to conform to what we think is right and good. There are unconscious forces that have been passed down through the generations which we often don't consider. Judgment is one of them. It is the same principle as Sabbath is made for man and man is not made for the Sabbath. Some think the soul can die. The soul does not die. The personality does. More accurately the personality is seen for the falsehood that it is. It is seen as an imitation of our true infinite and eternal identity but the system has decided it is not important.

Yet it still lives. Just like Jesus in the Gospels. This is not a coincidence. The soul is the fulfillment of the Gospels. It is the crowning glory. It is the missing ingredient which unlocks the meaning of the scriptures and the Bible.
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Posted by canis 4 years ago
Yes..It potentially has about codes...But you will end up with a book..
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