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Does the Christian God exist?

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Started: 7/24/2013 Category: Religion
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Make your statement, and outline your brand of the Christian God you will be defending in round one. Give a good description of the God you think to be real, and why. I will address your claim on its merit. Good luck.


bro r u fuckin kiddin meh u idioit of course he does! if he doesnt then why does the bible exsist? and if u still dont believe me go take some pcp and u will find him im telling u i did find him and he is a good man that jesus guy and he loves me u jus gotta find him
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has not provided any argument for his supposed deity. He has resorted to special pleading to the effects of psychedelic drugs as support of his beliefs. I am not sure which Jesus guy my opponent is referring to, but at this point, I am inclined to think the proper pronunciation for the gentleman's name contained in his post is probably Hey-zeus (Jesus), his drug dealer.

To address the topic of the debate. I have never heard a good argument given that points to a Christian God and since my opponent has not specified which brand of Christianity he subscribes to, I will just provide a few objections to the Christian God I've heard defended in the past.

Omniscience can not co-exist with free will

I pre-determined outcome does not harbor one's freedom to act as they wish if ultimately their choices have already been determined for them.

The Christian God is supposedly Omnipotent

If this is so, the Christian God's existence within our universe cannot be true. Power, if infinite, would make mass infinite. This would result in the universe collapsing into oblivion in an instant. We know that E (energy or power) is equal to Mass times the speed of light squared. If you make power infinite in this universe, mass, being equal to it, automatically becomes infinite. The two infinities cannot coincide with one another. The universe and all of its matter would disintegrate in an instant. If God cannot exist within our universe simultaneously, It is limited. If God is limited, it is not omnipotent. God does not exist.

The Christian God requires worship

The Christian God is supposedly perfect. A perfect being does not have the need for anything. If the Christian God does not need anything, it certainly has no need for worship. If it needs worship, it is not perfect. If it is not perfect, it is not the Christian God.

The Christian God is not perfect, and is not a God. The Christian God does not exist.

If these are descriptions of the Christian God, they have been shown to be false. My opponent has not shown good reason to think that his God is true, but insists that taking drugs will convince you to agree. I for one am not willing to oblige this desperate appeal.


u not gettin it bc he is a god that can talk to you if u reach out now and u just feel it bro have faith u loser
Debate Round No. 2


My oponent has not offered an argument. He has offered circular logic and an ad hominem or two. I will wait until my oponent offers a good reason to accept his position. If he does not, my position is clearly the more reasonable one to accept.


Ya there is problems scientifically with the bible so it has already lost credibility to be the word of god.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has offered a reason to choose a side in this debate, too bad it was for my side. I will agree with my opponent that The Bible is a good reason not to believe the Christian God exists. Does this mean the debate is over? I await a rebuttal to my arguments or something offered from my opponent to challenge. It seems as though my opponent has thrown in the towel.


Lol I'm just having fun I think religion is BS
Debate Round No. 4
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