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Does the UK School System work?

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Started: 1/15/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm assuming that the purpose of the education system is to 'educate' us to help us in the future, such as when we get a career, have responsibilities and relationships, etc. etc.

My position is that the system doesn't educate us in an effective way.

The system focuses on 'passing exams' as an indicator of success; there is evidence that students who cram for an exam will hold sufficient information for the next day, but they will forget it quicker, therefore the exam cannot be a true indicator of one's knowledge.
Even if students don't cram, they're not being tested for that information after the final exam so they will have no reason to remember it, so they will forget it anyway.

It's not just that; I could go on. But I don't want to make it too long as, as much as I love, I also would love to sleep.
So I am addressing all aspects of the education system, not just exams. Over to you.

(Yes I did copy and paste this from my last debate, but the 'sleep' sentence still applies and probably always will lol.)


Sorry I meant to argue Con, is there a way for you to reset it?
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Posted by emsiblook 3 years ago
@MRAAJ.evil don't worry, this exact thing happened on the last debate I did. I need to make the question clearer lol. As far as I know there is no way to reset it, so I'll wait until my turn's up to forfeit and post this debate again.

@SirNoodles518 I mean, you're saying that you can understand something without memorising it. But to understand science in the first place you have to memorise it first. Memory is so important, like you remember your ABC's to be able to understand how they are used, to write and type.
But in school, all you do is memorise science for the exam. You make notes, you remember, and you write it down on the exam paper. However, you can't *understand* science by making notes, because you're not *using* it, you're not talking about it or applying it in any way. It's like memorising the letters A, B, C, etc. and never learning how to speak or write, or use the letters in any way.
So you need to memorise it in order to understand in the first place. But you can memorise without understanding it.
Posted by SirNoodles518 3 years ago
I agree that exams don't work that well. For example, you could be the best at understanding science in the world but if you have awful memory then you won't be able to memorise all the information and you'll not get a higher grade.
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