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Dogs are better than cats

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Started: 8/19/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hello. This debate will have 4 rounds but the first is to state your position and accept the debate. The real debating will begin in the second round.


Good day, Sir.

I accept the principle of this debate.

I oppose the idea of Dogs being "better" than cats and will try to prove that it is actually the other way around. My ultimate goal is to defend dignity and social status of all cats across the globe. My adversary (whom I welcome) is in favour of the belief that Cats are inferior to Dogs.

Let the debate... Begin.
Debate Round No. 1


My first contention is that dogs keep you healthy. Laughter is the best medicine. A study done by the Animals and Society Institute states that dog owners laugh significantly more than cat owners. In fact, people without any pets laugh more than cat owners. This suggests that cats can drag you down. Dogs also encourage you to exercise more. Dogs need walks, which causes the owner to walk with them. A study by the National Institute of Health states that out of the people people they surveyed, who were all elderly people over 70, most of them said they go on about 3 walks a day. The people with large backyards said to walk about 100 min. per day. People without backyards said the walked about 140 min. per day. These people also said some meaningful things about their dogs. For example:
"My dog notices if I'm doing well or not. I talk to him; there is always someone in the apartment, and I'm not alone."
"He watches over me; he gives me a purpose."
"I have to go outside with him and exercise: this is also good for me."
"When I'm outside with my dog, I always meet new people and chat with them."
"My dog means everything to me - even more than my relatives do."
"I wouldn't want to be without my dog!"
Dogs obviously keep people's mental and physical health intact.

My second contention is that dogs are life saving. Dogs are recognized for their amazing noses, which can be used to find bombs, missing persons, and criminals. Dogs are four-legged life saviors. That's why we have police dogs, not cats. According to National Geographic, seizure-alert dogs can save a human from having a seizure without any medical help. The dog will get the person's attention by performing some attention grabbing actions such as whining, pawing, or anxious barking anywhere between 15 to 12 hours before the attack. The dogs can be trained to stay by the person's side or even dial 911 on a phone. Try training your cat to speed dial.


Thank you, for your arguments. I am going to address them immediately since you mentioned that the real debating will start in round 2.

My debate adversary claims that dogs sustain public health by making their owners laugh significantly more than Cats do. However, Pro does not provide any credible sources, supporting his shady statistics. Although he does mention the "National Institute of Health" it is unclear which Nation (Definition = of, relating to, or maintained by a nation as an organized whole or independent political unit: national affairs.) [1] does Pro have in mind.

My opponents also provides me with 6 different quotes, apparently they come from elderly people which enjoy the presence of dogs but I fail to see how this quotes (again, without any sources to support they are actually real) make any real difference to Pro argument. If we substituted the word "dog" with "cat" in all of the quotes, they would still make perfect sense.
Here, let's go right ahead and take one of the upper quotes and see the Cat-sformation

"My Dog means everything to me - even more than my relatives do."
"My Cat means everything to me - even more than my relatives do."

See? No difference. Besides I once more wish to challenge the credibility of this quotes as they appear to be rather fictional and made-up or at the very least, exaggerated. I hope my opponent will be able to provide legitimate sources for all his arguments in the next round of the debate.

It is hard to argue in favour of Cats without devaluing Dogs contribution to society in the areas you have mentioned. Dogs are indeed great workers, recognized by Police, Health institutions and many others. But that only proves my point.
Dogs are in a lower social position to cats. As you gladly mentioned, cats don't work. It is because Cats are royal and high status animals and using them for work would be disrespectful. Furthermore, even if cats have the capability to work in some of this fields, they refuse to cooperate! Because they are self-aware of their own worth unlike dogs who don't value themselves and blindly submit their lives to human masters.

Now, I will provide my own arguments. I have plenty but I will save the most important ones for future rounds. For now let's start with statistics, real ones for a change.

Contention (I) General Statistics
Across the US and Europe, there is more cats owned than dogs (83 Million Dogs - 96 Million Cats owned in United States alone - 2012) [2] What better argument Is there to prove my point if not the peoples preferences. As we can see (I can provide global statistic if you wish) Cats are clearly far more common within US households. Why may that be? If Dogs are better as my opponent clearly claims than why is there more cats than dogs within the US families? Well I know the answer. They are clearly better than dogs and many rational cat owners understand that perfectly.

Contention (II) Personal Hygiene
Cats are wildly known for their high standards of personal hygiene. Do you remember the time you took your dog for walk? Well, if the dog sees a mud pool he will most likely jump right inside of it. Dogs care little to nothing about how dirty they are or how dirty your house is going to be once you come back from work, or walk. Likewise, Cats value their own personal hygiene.

Whiskas, a high profile cat food provider mentions this in their online page "Kittens are naturally clean animals, first learning from their mother how to keep themselves clean, then, after six weeks, taking care of grooming on their own. Though cats are mostly self-sufficient when it comes to hygiene..." [3] the same source claims that cats spend around 3,5 hours a day cleaning themselves. Can you say the same for the dogs? I don't think so.

Debate Round No. 2


I will start by addressing my opponent's argument.

My opponent states that the quotes I provided could be easily changed to favor cats. While that might seem like a valid argument, it is merely just a what if situation. These cat statements never actually happened, while the statements said about dogs are completely true.

My opponent challenges the credibility and realness of these statements. I can tell you from personal experience that each of these statements are true. Your dog is like your family member and you feel very attached to it.

My adversary says that dogs are in a lower social position than cats, and cats don't work because they are royal. I disagree with this statement. Where is the source for all this information? What is the proof? Dogs work to contribute to the society, unlike cats who sit around thinking they are higher than other people. They are not compassionate enough to actually help someone. The reason we get pets are to have companions, who assist us and make us feel valued and happy. We do not get pets to be their servants and constantly take care of them.

My opponent's first contention says there are more cats owned than dogs in the U.S. The Washington Post says, "Here in the U.S., slightly more households own dogs than own cats. But numbers show that in terms of raw population, cats outnumber dogs to the tune of 2 million (the number is closer to 4 million, by the American Veterinary Medical Association's estimate). Why? One simple explanation is that cats are more compact. You can fit more cats in a house than you can, say, golden retrievers." This means that though more cats are owned, the dogs are more in demand.

My opponent's 2nd contention states that cats have more personal hygiene. Cats spend so much time grooming themselves because they are self involved and have nothing better to do. Dogs, on the other hand, like to have some fun in their lives. They might jump in mud puddles, but they are definitely not spending their lives strictly staying in line. Dogs convince people to be fun loving and not spend their lives being plain boring. Also, Whiskas is a biased source. They are a cat food producer, of course they favor cats. Cats are the ones using their products.

Contention 3
Dogs are more loving. Today, the news channel on NBC, says "They have more personality. They are loyal," he said. "Cats are all about cats but dogs are interested in pleasing their owners. Cats don't care if they please you or not." Dogs try to read your emotions and help you and make you feel happy in anyway they can. Another example of a dogs love is when you come home. A dog will be so happy when you come home from work or school, because a few hours with out you is an eternity without their best friend for the dog. Cats will only love you when you are giving them food.


Towarzysz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


fathabeeb forfeited this round.


Towarzysz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Cats for the win!
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