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Dogs are better than cats

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Started: 7/9/2017 Category: Society
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Dogs are better than cats. Dogs can help the disable for example. They do this through helping the hearing or vision impaired by alerting them of potential danger. They also can help notify others of the service dog"s owner"s health like seizures and low blood sugar. Service Dogs also help people with psychiatric problems, coping dogs.
Dogs are pack animals, you are part of their pack and they will protect you with their life. They can alert you of any disasters, fires, intruders, storms, etc. Dogs will protect your house.


Let us start by dissecting the premise:

"Dogs are better than cats."

First, we have to be very specific. What do we exactly refer to by "better"? Objectively speaking, we can't really decide which species is better than which, unless we are comparing very specific characteristics such as lift-potency, or perhaps intelligence (which is subjective to a degree).
PERHAPS you might be referring to your opinion. In this case, I think that a proper title for this debate would be 'I prefer dogs over cats', which would make any debating redundant. Trying to negate a preference is outright pointless.
But I shall give you the benifit of the doubt, and assume that you are comparing dogs and cats as a species (which is still redundant, but will lead us to a conclusion nonetheless).

Logical Fallacy:

Let's now take interest in the arguments provided by the OP. Behind that paragraph is a conveniently hidden false cause logical fallacy. It might be very true that Dogs can help the disabled, alert medical services, et cetera - We would need a thoroughly trained dog, though -, but that doesn't mean that dogs are better than cats.The premise and the conclusion are not logically equivalent, neither does one lead to the other. In order for such logic to work, we would need to compare two dogs; a trained dog is much obviously better than an untrained one. But dogs and cats are different things, you ought to not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Cats are better than dogs at cleaning their own messes, but that doesn't mean that cats are better than dogs. A knife is better at cutting than a burrito, but that doesn't mean that knives are better than burritos.


I don't agree with dogs being better than cats. It is clear that I am con. But negating a proposition doesn't always give us it's direct contrary; as such, I don't think that cats are better than dogs either. This question is really pointless, no matter at how you see it.


A more interesting question would be: "Which pet is better to own? A cat or a dog?". Deliberating will ensue, and we would have to list the pros and cons of each pet.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat:


1) Cats are easy to maintain. All they need is a food and water bowl, a litter box and they should be good to go. Additional items can be added at your own free choice. Some spoiled cats have cat trees, scratching posts, toys, catnip, special shampoos and grooming kits. Others simply enjoy a window view and a piece of paper rolled up and that will make their day.

2) Cats are independent. Yes, you can go to work for 8 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least it will not show much commotion when you leave. They can easily entertain themselves and cater to their needs on their own. I once, had to leave my cat for the weekend alone (boarding was out of question as she did not do well in unfamiliar territory) and I was sick worried and when I came back there she was like if nothing happened.

3) Cats are clean. You will not smell that typical doggy odor and they rarely have anal gland issues. Your home will not smell like cat and if you are particularly careful in keeping the litter box clean and fresh with high quality litter chances are, nobody will ever now you share your roof with a feline.

4) Cats are lazy. Well, some are really not much. There are some hyperactive breeds such as Bengals and Siamese, but most cats are pretty lazy pillow warmers that sleep up to 16 hours a day. No need to walk them every day to keep their energy levels low, a ball tossed about the room will suffix.

5) Cats are litter box trained. Cats do not need to be walked at 5 in the morning in the dead of the winter with Subarctic temperatures. They will do their business in their litter box while you can sleep in after a late evening. All they need is a litter and a litter box and a 5 second daily scoop.


1) Cats do not like to travel. Cats are very territorial, they feel calm when they are in their territory and their scent is over their favorite objects and people. If you plan to travel a lot or go on vacation, your cat may not be a happy camper. However, there are always exclusions and some cats that traveled a lot as kittens are quite comfortable being moved about cross country.

2) Cats are not too easy to train. While your dog may go to obedience classes, your cat may have a hard time learning things like walking politely on a leash. It is hard to tell if the cat is really acting dumb like he has no clue what you want or if it is just a smart strategy to make humans give up on training them. Telling a cat not to climb on your kitchen counter or not to steal your steak from the table may be a challenge that will require some good thinking and special strategies.

Pros and Cons of Owning Dogs


1) Dogs are social. You can take your dog easily on vacation with you and as long as they are with their owners they are fine. Territory is not a big deal for them and they can move to a different place each day with not much fuss. In nature, dogs tend to move a lot in search of food and they are used to changing their habitat quite often. Living with their pack is what mostly counts.

2) Dogs promote healthy lifestyles. Dog owners are kept healthy because dogs need walked. Dog owners lead a healthy lifestyle when exposed to fresh air everyday as they walk their dog vigorously in the morning. Dogs also unlike exercise programs ensure consistency because owners must always walk their dogs cutting off the risk of procrastinating.

3) Dogs are loyal. Dogs are very devoted to their owners. Some have even died from the sorrow following their owner's death. Dogs will follow their owners everywhere and will do what they can to please them. Not many humans offer the unconditional love that dogs are able to offer.


1) Dogs need maintenance. Yes, some need their anal glands expressed others need frequent baths because they may be smelly.. They need chew toys and bones to keep their teeth in good condition and grooming sessions to keep their fur nice and tidy. They need to obediencetrained and they must learn leash manners. Dogs are more costly than cats and require more care.

2) Dogs depend on humans. Some dogs suffer from great separation anxiety when left alone. Others may bare with their owner's absence but cannot be left alone too long because they need to be fed, sent out to potty and because they tend to feel lonely. Dogs require to be boarded or brought along when owners must leave from several hours to a week end. It is a sad fact that dogs are often abandoned because of this.

3) Dogs chew. A puppy's teething may turn into a nightmarish even. If not redirected to chew toys and bones most dogs will try to gnaw on the attractive dining room's table legs or even through the drywall. Some dogs still will chew for the rest of their lives if not trained early on what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. However, most dogs will learn their boundaries and will learn to leave your furniture alone.

4) Dogs need to be walked. That nippy morning walk may feel like a chore to some dog owners. Truth is, your dog will need to be walked 365 days a years because they need to have their bowel movements. Hiring a dog walker may be costly and procastrinating may mean ruining your well housebroken dog. It is a fact that like it or not your dog must be walked rain or shine and even snow.

5) Dogs are bulky. Large dogs may not be permitted in apartment complexes and some breeds are even banned lately from communities. If you are planning to move, you must do your research well as some places will not allow dogs over a certain weight. An 80 pound dog may also feel like a cow in a china store once it grows up to its potential and it may tug at leash in such a manner of making its owner fall.

It seems that Cats are a better deal to me seeing how the pros overweight the cons, which isn't the case for Dogs.
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Posted by R603 2 years ago
Cats are better, thus they rule the internet and frolic freely where rare Pepes gleefully do REE.
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