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Dogs vs. Cats

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Started: 1/2/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Dogs vs. cats? Dogs get my vote 100%. They are loyal and obedient, and always there for you. Cats, meanwhile, walk out the door and you don't see them for the rest of the day. Sure, you could say that dogs take more work. But isn't it worth it to have a companion, protector, and friend? Plus, taking dogs on walks are good for you, too. Studies show that dog owners are much healthier than cat owners. Anyway, cats can't even walk along side you for more than two minutes! Danger comes? They run away and leave you. But dogs? They're always there for you; whether you need a guardian or a companion.


You may dislike cats but it's time to understand why. They can't help it. Scientists believe that they have Asperger Syndrome which is very likely. Asperger is Autism. We need to support them and reach out more to them. This condition makes cats more mature and they don't mess the house like dogs. They can walk themselves and is more cheaper to keep. The ignore you because they are shy. The thing that cats need is LOVE. They are also cuddly and cute. Okay, maybe dogs can also kill mice but cats don't disgust owners and leave dead body lying around the floor. If you are scared of cats, REMEMBER: They are more afraid of you then you are of them.
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Posted by canis 2 years ago
Had a dog for 14 years...Great. "Have had" 3 wild cats for 2 years now.. I admire them for theire abileties to be cats.. And just that..
Posted by Jocularly_Solemn 2 years ago
Bears are the best.
Posted by Jocularly_Solemn 2 years ago
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